Had to rip out sock, now lost

Hello everyone, I am new to this site, and am thankful for it. I was done with a sock, when I realized I made it too short, so I had to take out stitches, basically just pulled on the yarn to unravel it, got needles back on, but I don’t know where the needles should go to get back on track. I am pretty sure I am in the foot part before I decrease for the toe area. I don’t want the needles to be in the wrong spot because the decrease in the toe will be off. I have only knit 2 pairs of socks, and with too much time in between, so if anyone can explain where they should go, I would really appreciate it. My stitches are 14 on needle one, 28 on needle 2, and 14 on needle 3 - at least they were! Now I just have them on needles, thankfully! Wish I had seen the video first on the way to save the stitches with the yarn going through to stop me from going too far and losing more than what I needed to. Thank you!

It sounds like you have the right amt on the dpns…and where you should have them…but to see if they are line up right I would try the sock on if you can…make sure the heel and everything is right on…:thumbsup:

I know I don’t have them in the right spot, that’s the problem, but I do have the right number put back on–meaning I only picked them up after ripping out, so had no idea where to start putting them back on. I know the top of the foot has the most, so don’t know if I should just guess there or what. Thank you!

Can you find the tail where you cast on, and the heel, so you can begin to center things.

I might be able to help if I could see it, but I’m still quite new to knitting socks. Basically, you should be able to figure out where the center of your heel is, and that should help you orient your sock. Then you should be able to figure out which stitches go where. It’s possible you’ll be off by one or two doing it that way, but it shouldn’t be too significant!

If you try the sock on…you should be able to tell the top of the foot and the sides (needle 1 and needle 3 would meet in the center of your heel and all the way down the center of our foot)…I would take stitch markers with the split? or a safety pin…and just pin the sts where the needles would meet (or closely meet)…then when you take the sock off you know about where the sts would be and on what dpn…:thumbsup:

I think I know what you are saying. Put the sock on and try to move the needles so that they are meeting at the bottom of my foot? I will try this and see if I am understanding correctly. Thank you both for responding!

I just tried putting it on my foot and ended up losing more stitches. I did a life line a few rows below, put them back on the needles into where I thought needle one and needle three should go at center of heel, and have a few more stitches on than I should, and also found out that I had been doing some decreasing around this area, so I don’t know how I can figure out where I am in the pattern. I am really ready to rip it all out and start over. It’s so frustrating! I am about 15-19 rows from my picked up row–its hard for me to count with the dark yarn I am using, and so tiny! Thank you all again!

Maybe if you just rip back to the cuff- that way you’re not completely starting over, but you might not have increases and decreases to deal with.

Yep, that seems like a way better idea. Do you have a suggestion as far as ripping out – like since the stitches are so little, should I try doing a life line again–when I did it last time I ended up going uneven. Or is there an easier way? Thank you!

If you can get some strong light and a magnifying glass that may help to pick up stitches. That’s what I do when I drop stitches on socks. I can’t see those 0 dpn tips.
As Dustina says needles 1 and 3 have the sole stitches and needle 2 will hold the top of the foot or the stitches with the pattern if you are working one.

Thank you so much for all your ideas. I did take it out until I got to the part where I do the heel, so now I am doing the heel again, which is good practice. I would like to do 2 socks on 2 circular needles, so I hope to read all the posts about that before I begin! Thank you again!