Hacky Sack Anyone? ~ Fini

Made with some antique Paton “BlueBell” Wool I picked up at a second hand store in ‘Bottle Green’ and South Maid Mercerized Cotton in ‘Mexicano’. Filled with rice.

Using the ‘Bonus’ Small Yarn Ball pattern


More photo’s at the Blog~

That’s great! :thumbsup:



Not only is the hacky-sack cool, but the photography is too!


Very cool :cheering:

Thank you~

Easy Knit Up, and a Hit with the kids. (maybe took me an hour) I’m thinking these would be great stocking stuffers.

Wordup, even using 3.75mm needles and double strings, I am still seeing some rice pop through. :doh: (all that bouncing around on feet! ) Next go round I will either put the rice in a cinched nylon sack, or try lentil beans. I am not going to try and take this baby apart. lol


:cheering: Nice job … wish I had a hand made one when I was in college.

good idea with the beans.

I like it very much! :thumbsup: I see many different color possibilities!