Ha ha ha!

Two days ago, it was 80F here and the house was boiling at 80f (no central air.) Right now it’s 32f and snowing.

:rofl: Colorado is WEIRD.

This whole spring has been weird. One day I have the kids in shorts and t shirts the next day it’s back to jackets and pants. I live in New Jersey.

Same here. I have an excuse for buying lots of yarn and knitting hats, socks etc.

I plan on knitting a bulky weight raglan sweater for meeeeee soon. :knitting:

I have not gotten that far yet with making things to make myself a sweater. I have been crocheting for 30 years and still never made myself a sweater. I will do it soon though

I just completed my first sweater. I’m hooked and I have sweater quantities of cascade eco wool. :slight_smile:

I want a long sweater. I am tall and fat so I need something to cover up the belly :roflhard:

I’m 5’9 and overweight due to having a baby two months ago. I’m also horrifically long-waisted!


It’s 92 degrees here in southern CA and warmer inland. It was lovely this morning as I sat outside with my coffee. Being that nice early inthe morning should have been my first clue. We got a/c last summer finally and today may be the first we turn it on this season!

  1. You poor thing. We’re supposed to get up in the 80s. As long as it cools off at night that’s not too bad. In an upstairs apt. when it doesn’t cool off at night much, it’s an oven. I’m going to look for a portable AC, the kind that doesn’t go in the window.

We have a window type. It weighs like 400lbs and blocks light. Ugh.

I despise heat, 70f is good enough for me, I’m from Vancouver originally. It usually isn’t absurdly hot here but last summer it got waaaaaaayyyy too hot! 102 F!!! Ewwww

Eta: we don’t keep the ac in the window except in the summertime…