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I am working on a pattern that calls for twisted garter st. I made a major mistake and broke a couple of stitches. I am trying to work to that broken part, but every time I try to undo the twisted garter st. I lose one. Can anyone tell me the best way to undo this stitch.

Do you mean that part of the fabric already knitted has a hole from a couple of stitches breaking?
I would probably take it off the needles and unravel a few rows until I had gotten past that point, and then start again with intact wool/yarn. You might find this difficult… can you take it to a knitting shop or do you know a friend who can knit and help if so?
I think there may be a video here on tinking. Remember that you do not have to put the stitches back on the needles twisted, put them on however’s easiest and then sort them out when you come to them.
If you are just knitting each stitch twisted for this pattern, you can put them back on the needles straight and they will be ready to go, and you knit them through the back loop as per the pattern.


Make a destination row lifeline using a thin circular or a yarn needle and thin yarn. (This should be BELOW the broken yarn areas.) (SEE AMY’s VIDEO on this.) If you don’t have a thin circular, frog back to the row ABOVE the destination row. SLOWLY frog the last row (the one with the destination row lifeline) one stitch at a time. You’ll be able to see the way the stitches lay b/c of the lifeline. Pick each one up and you should be on your way. Just take your time and do it one stitch at a time. If you can use a thin circular, just frog back to that point and knit off the circular onto whatever size needle you’re using.
Hope this helps!