Gypsy with details

She’s done.

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Gypsy is a Koigu pattern. I really am enjoying the shawl now that it is finished, but there was a lot of frustration during the knitting phase. The instructions are vague because there are SEVERAL errors. The chart is, well, a nightmare! I don’t mean to bag on a company’s pattern, but please! While this should be an easy lace shawl pattern and great for a first project, I do not recommend it until you have done several lace projects and are prepared to wing it a lot along the way.

I actually used lightweight Socks that Rock yarn in Crazy Lace Agate colorway (I don’t see that colorway on their website…). All of their colors are gorgeous and the yarn is a dream to knit.

Thank you for looking at my recent accomplishment and for your praises. There are many awesome lace projects out there, even for beginners. PM me if you want some suggestions! :hug:

That is beautiful and the greens and blues in the background really make it stand out!

WOW beautiful





:thud: I have yet to attempt a project that big and significant. Great job!

Great job! That is BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart: :heart:

Gorgeous!!! Can I have it? :teehee:

Oh my!!! That is awesome!!!

That’s beautiful. I’m not usually one for fringe, but yours is exceptionally nice!

Oh my!!!1 :thud:



Wonderful! :cheering:

Thank you, to all :muah:

Tremendously gorgeous! Congratulations! :cheering:

Very Nice!

that is absolutely gorgeous!!! what yarn did you use?

That’s so pretty! I love the fringe.

One of the prettier shawls I’ve every seen :slight_smile: :cheering: Where did you get the pattern?