Guys--submit info for a book!

I ran across this and thought our male knitters might want to contribute:

Are you a man who knits? Do you know a man who knits? We’d like to talk to you…

We’re Annie & Drew & we’re writing a book for Lark Press to be titled Men Who Knit (and the Dogs Who Love Them…) When it came down to determining editorial content, we knew that it would be impossible to produce a good men’s knitting book without feedback from male knitters.

Thanks for the info. I’ll probably e-mail them tonight. Jeremy

Don’t “they” always say to write about what you know? :??

I’d think a book about male knitters should be written BY a male knitter. :rollseyes:

Or I guess the request could just be preliminary research. :figureditout: It would be great if the book was all about our KH men! :cheering: :cheering:


Mary, one of the authors, Drew, is a man. He lives in Houston–hmm, maybe I’ll run into him at the LYS someday! But yeah, I think it’s going to be a lot of stories they gather from guys who knit.

OK, that’s better.

I was thinking Drew - like Drew Barrymore. :rollseyes:

I wonder if the Drew who’s coauthoring the book is a knitter :??


He is! I know him, he knits and crochets. I’m really surprised none of ya’ll know of him, he’s one of the mini-celebs at Crochetville. He’s really prolific, seems like he publishes a new thing of patterns at least every other month. Drew is a really great guy, if you want to see some of his stuff he has a blog,
I suggest digging through it a bit to find his Nouveau Riche afghan, it’s AMAZAAAZING! :cheering:

WOW! That is an AWESOME work of art indeed! Thanks for sharing it with us!! Can’t wait to see the pattern :slight_smile: