Guys Knit

I see these pics of guys…

Do you mean to tell me that guys KNIT?

There are several men who are members of this board. Some of them have resently started knitting, others have been knitting for years.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I knit. Well, I’m learning to knit. I can also sew, cook, retrieve objects from high shelves, and lift heavy things. I’m useful for a lot of things.

Ever heard the saying Idle Hands Do the Devil’s work? All men recovering from orthopedic surgeries/injuries should be taught to knit as it keeps them out of trouble. They cannot surf ebay and find things to buy and it also seems to keep their mind off needing food, water etc more than 5/6x / day : )



You are my hero.


Oh and I forgot to mention.

You are a real man.


LOL–it’s the reaching things on high shelves that’s the REAL talent! :rofl: (I’m 5’2")

First of all a lot of women also have guys for their avatars so that isn’t a clue, nor is their screen name. :teehee:

Check out this thread.

Men who knit poll

Uh, that means they can’t surf ebay and find yarn to buy, either?


There are some of us guys who knit, or at least try to :happydance:

[color=indigo]I taught my best friend to knit in the fall and now he’s challenging me to knitting projects. :?? And his husband wants to learn to knit, too. :happydance: [/color]

Nothing whimpy or sissy about knitting. Knitting demands strength of will and the patience of Job. I’m surprised that there are those who still think that real men don’t knit. If more people, period, knitted they wouldn’t have time to make war, they’d be too busy frogging that sweater. :frog: :teehee:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I would definitely prefer knitting to fighting a war.

I stand corrected.

I went off on sick leave beginning of Dec, due to surgury and everyone was asking me what I was going to do on my time off, since I couldn’t lift anything or drive for 2 months after.

When I told everyone that I was going to teach myself to knit, people started laughing at me. (I am a jock woman who I guess people see as a non knitter)

I could not believe the response from people about knittnig, but when my boss asked me I told him I was going to teach myself how to knit, he said
"I knit all the time".
Ijust looked at him, but I was not sure he was serious, as I have never heard of guys knitting.

Let me teill you this, I wish my hubby would take up knitting and knit his own bloody stuff, instead of not wearing what I make him,
Thanks all who helped me with the Guys knit! Way to go GUYS! :muah:

I wish Jack would take up knitting. He is a Risk nut and is in his office all the time playing that stupid, irritating game. Well, he does have other atributes, he helps me clean the kitchen every night, he just finished shampooing my dining room carpet, like others, he is a great reacher as he is 6’2", but he has no interest in knitting, darn it! I guess after 34 years of marriage you pretty much do as you like and vice versa. Oh and I forgot, he takes me to Vegas every year for vacation so he is the bomb!

When I first started knitting I knew there probably were guys who knit, but I didn’t know of any. Till I got to KH…the rest is history. :teehee: Yeah for your boss!!!

Let me teill you this, I wish my hubby would take up knitting and knit his own bloody stuff, instead of not wearing what I make him,

:roflhard: :roflhard: Sorry had to laugh… :teehee:

I would imagine that more guys would knit if they didn’t view it as a “female thing” and weren’t so insecure about what someone else might think of them.

I’ve noticed a lot more gay men than straight men knit, but there are still a good number of us straight guys who knit (or try to).

How did you get started in knitting?

If you mean me, I bought a book and starter kit at Wally World (and signed up at this great forum). I am a trucker and wanted a hobby that would be somewhat creative and portable enough to carry on the road with me and that I could do in my truck or inside a truckstop. Knitting seemed like the perfect choice.

Besides, I want to learn to knit my own wool socks instead of paying an arm and a leg for them in a store. :rofl:

Cudos to you!!

I tell you there are not many guys I know that would do it and like I said earlier, there are enough awesome patterns that guys can make and be proud of.

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