Guy Knitting

OK, I WAS going to title this after the name of the first book (below) but was afraid it might be offensive to some :teehee: it’s a CLEVER name for a knitting book about guy knitters though, don’t you think?

Knitting With Balls: A Hands-On Guide to Knitting for the Modern Man

I saw this one at the store:

As a dog-lover…and if I might state the obvious…a guy-lover :teehee: I thought it cute.

My husband doesn’t knit…looks at me like I’m crazy for making socks when I can get them at the store! I don’t know any guy knitters.

I wonder if (relationship-wise) it’s a match made in heaven for a girl and a guy knitter? :wink:

I think it would be if you both had your own needles and didn’t like the same yarn. Otherwise there might be problems. :teehee:

Yeah, I think they’d be fighting over the ‘good stuff.’

And then there’d be the custody fight. . . :verysad:

We’d be getting fliers in the mail asking, “Have you seen this yarn?”


:roflhard: :roflhard:

Then one or the other would have tofind a new LYS…cause you just cant run into your ex at the same YS…


Oh my…this WOULD pose sooooooooo many more problems than I expected.

Maybe bag envy??? :shrug:

Or needle envy! :rofl:

mmmalabrigo envy… clog envy…sock envy … :roflhard:

My boyfriend just had me teach him how to knit. I have him practicing with some acrylic/wool blend in a beautiful turquoise color. He is making a scarf for me using my needles (which he bought for me). He said he wanted the first thing he made to be for me. What a sweetheart. However, I don’t know who would get custody of the needles if we broke up!

J/K I would totally keep my needles and he’d have to find them to get them!

He does love the title of the first book!

skeins on milk cartons?

For all you male knitters out there I recommend taking a look at:

It’s a laugh and I love there motto!

The first one, Knitting With Balls is by Michael del Vechhio. His LYS is one I shop at frequently. He has taught quite a few classes there. thumbs up

My wife and I both knit. Her knitting is more of the scarves with fun fur variety so there is no real competition for yarn. She is happy being a recipient for the stuff I knit.

P.S. Menknit is how I found this site when I started almost 2 years ago.

Why is it that whenever there’s mention of a man knitting, everything has to be sexual?

i just got knitting with balls last week! for some reason, i had kinda passed it over when it first came out, but i saw him on KG and then found out i had a $20 credit at borders, i grabbed it and i’m so glad i did! It’s a great book and I’m starting the wallet ASAP.

MWK&TDWLT, I can’t say enough about, that book ROCKS! (And I got Annie to sign it!!!) :smiley:

I made the wallet in Knitting With Balls when I first got the book. It looks really neat and I carry it every day. It certainly generates comments when people see it.

My one complaint is that it’s ‘floppy’. Weird word, but not sure how else to describe it. When I unfold it to put bills in the pouch, the fabric isn’t stiff enough to hold the wallet open. It just kind of flops and drapes over my hand. Certainly still serviceable, but a little annoying at times.

But I still like the cool way it looks and since I carry it everyday the ‘floppiness’ obviously hasn’t been enough of a problem for me to pitch it.

The wallet is one project I want to make when I finally get the book.

Maybe starching it would reduce the floppiness?

Just put lots of cash in it, that should do it :wink:

I can see Divorce Court… She took my needles… He grabbed the mmmmm yarn… :rofl:

Judge Judy would go ballistic

Ok… I’m tired & should not be posting…lol

I have tomorrow off and I’m going to sleep in… I’m sooo bad, lol or baaaaaahhhhd


This was funny on YouTube, it’s called Knit Wits and it’s guy knitting related. :smiley: