Guy knitters

I was just curious as to how much of a minority I was here. I’m male. I knit. Just wondering how many other guys there are here as well. My sister seems to think that I’m the only guy she knows that knits, but I’m sure she has to know others. There have to be closet male knitters out there somewhere. Not me though. I wear my knits and purls loud and proud.:stuck_out_tongue:

There’s about 5 or 6, or maybe even more guys who knit and post here.

Oh yeah, lots of male knitters here. Let’s see…here’s a few active guy knitters… Mike, OffJumpsJack, Jeremy, AlbertPollard, cacunn, Knitting Guy, MMario, SteveDallas, Braden, and more I can’t think of offhand or who aren’t as active as others.

There are a couple at my LYS, too.

I’m a male knitter :slight_smile:

From what I understand we have quite a few in the are I live in.

Because guys make the better knitters we try to keep a low profile so as not to embarrass the ladies around here. :hiding::out:

:roflhard: Love it!!

I have other delusions, did you know that all my double point needles are 20 inches long?

But don’t worry, they only let me out once a months so they can clean the padded walls.


That’s ok - as long as they don’t let us both out at the same time I think it will work! :slight_smile:

Then outside of this forum there are well known male knitters such as Jarad Flood. He is a photographer who knits and just came out with his own book of designs.
And Franklin Habit the author of [U]It Itches[/U]. He also happens to do photography.
Then there is Kaffe Fassett who has been knitting and designing for years and years and is well known for his bright use of color.

That’s only a few non-closet male knitters that are out there.

I think Jan got the top ten (most recently active males posting on KH).

Welcome to the club.

I think the number of male “invisible” knitters is much higher then people think. Over at MenWhoKnit you look at profiles and find a lot of guys who have been knittinng 30 or 40 years…but elsewhere I think we ‘y’ chromosome carriers tend to keep low profiles.

My favorite LYS is a guy knitter and spinner… he does AMAZING work!

Your sister is probably right. Not only am I the only guy I know who knits I’m the only person I know who actively knits.
I know plenty of females who crochet and one other guy who crocheted to quit smoking.

But I’m working on a great niece to get her knitting.

I think the reason you don’t hear from male knitters too much is they are the silent minority, lol:chair:. I am not violent but all knitters must hang together regardless of our gender! I do know the men on this group are very nice and I enjoy reading their advice. Keep up the lessons Mike and lets us know how she is doing. Pictures of her knitting projects would be nice.

I have been forgotten on the list,…

but then, I’m often mistaken as female, for whatever reason…

Even the lady in the supermarket adressed me at least twice with “miss”

And I’m not THAT effeminate after all…

(Other people also occasionally called me “miss”, for whatever reason…)

Oops, sorry! I tried, but new I’d missed some!

Also - If a persons user name doesn’t give a clue then I often mistake male and female. I’ve learned that Avatars lie having made that mistake several times so I don’t use that as my guide. You could put something about being a guy in your signature as some of the others do.

ETA: I just noticed in your signature it says “I’m not a miss, I’m a lady”…I get it, but if you’re a guy that could be confusing.

Our local LYS has a male instructor. Big guy with big hands, but a fine knitter and instructor.

My father who is now 83 knits, says he learned when he was in his 20’s. Doesn’t do anything too difficult though, mostly scarves, bed slippers and dish cloths. I sure do appreciate the gifts he makes for me!

My husband knits a little. He is helping me right now with a little knitting class of 4 kids and 2 grown ups. There are quite a few male knitters on Ravelry. :x:

Men were the first knitters, so knit on with pride!

We live in an area with several military establishments and the owner of a local yarn shop says they teach lots and lots of military men to knit. It’s easy to take overseas and is of course very relaxing.

My husband learned to knit when I did and he has been a tremendous help. We have lots of fun knitting together. He can “see” in his mind where the yarn goes with each stitch whereas I just follow the pattern and enjoy the overall effect.