Good luck to all in his path! :pray: I hope you all fair well through Gustav.

Blessing for safety and security for any in the path of the impending storm


Thanks, ecb! I’m located about 6 miles north of I-10, and we’re in the path, but hopefully by the time it gets here it will have downgraded a notch or two. We decided to stay put to be close to hubby’s parents, who aren’t leaving. All our windows have been boarded up, and this morning he put boards over the front door because it has glass panes in it.

I still need to look around the front yard for loose objects.

Where is I-10?

my thoughts are with you and everybody else in that region who could be facing a rough few days (and lts hope it doesn’t stretch into weeks or months) ahead.

Positive thoughts being sent to all in Gustav’s path. After Katrina, I cannot begin to imagine how scared people in New Orleans area must be feeling. Keep safe everyone.

I live a few miles east of Tampa, we are getting hammered with winds and a huge band of heavy rain is getting ready to hit us. I can’t imagine being in this thing’s path with the amount of wind we’re getting here and we aren’t even near it.

I-10 is an interstate that runs west from Jacksonville, cutting across a lot of states. I live about an hour south from it, along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Fortunately, I don’t think we’ll be affected, except for some rain, which we’ve gotten over the last couple of days.

I’ll be praying for y’all! We went to a soccer tournament a few weeks after Katrina, and I was absolutely shocked as we drove along I-10. To see metal interstate signs bent over in half and trees snapped in half took my breath away.

I seriously doubt that the hurricane’s strength will weaken. The waters of the Gulf are very warm still, which only serves to feed energy into such monsters of nature.

Please keep safe.


We are seeing a lot of the clouds from the hurricane. I live in central Alabama. Be safe.

You know…I just checked the radar for my area, and the rain…it is a coming! So, I was probably a little wrong. We’re gonna get drenched. Good thing tomorrow is a holiday. There shouldn’t be too many people out and about.

is this near Lakeland?

I live about half way between Houston and Galveston, and just moved here from CT in July. I’m a knitting, knervous wreck! And we’re not expected to get anything major where I am.

My prayers are with all in the path of this thing.

:hug: Thoughts and Prayers for you all in the path of Gustav:hug:


:heart: :pray: :heart: