Gussett help!

this is oh so confusing and i had a long uestion to ask and it got deleted by aol.! so here is a quick version!
how do i decifer this!!!
thank you so much I am so grateful for this site!
any advice is lovingly appreciated!

here is my knitting…
pardon my stretched out mess! this is my very first attempt at a sock!

Hi again MaryAnn,

You should have a total of 5 double-point needles. At present you are using 4 needles - 3 are always carrying stitches, and 1 is always being knitted with.

From your pattern (and picture with comments below):

(1) With a new needle, pick up stitches (15 or 17 depending on which size you are making) from the area indicated by the green rectangle.

(2) Next knit across the area I indicated with the first blue rectangle (this is “Needle 1”)

(3) Next knit across the area indicated by the third rectangle (this is “Needle 2”)

(4) Next, pick up 15 (or 17) stitches along the edge indicated with the light blue rectangle (this is “Needle 3”)

(5) On the same needle (“Needle 3”) as in (4), knit 7 stitches from the area indicated by the second blue rectangle

Now you have 4 needles holding stitches. Now you need to use that 5th needle.

(6) With this last needle knit 7 stitches, and then knit up the 15 (or 17) stitches that you just picked up). This is now needle 4.

If you are having trouble with Amy’s videos still, here is another great webpage/website with video, that clearly shows how to pick up those gusset stitches:

Good luck! :smiley:

SALSA!!! Thank you so much! you are AMAZING!!!
I have finished my sock! I could not have done it without your help!
thank you so much!


Those are the BEST instructions and I wish I had seen them before I scrapped my sock last night. The pattern I had was WHACKED! It made no sense and following the directions they gave I had yarn going across part of a row in the back, leaving nice loose holes in my gussets. Not pretty.

So, with this new info in hand I’m off to start the socks over again with a different pattern.

Hey MaryAnn,

Woohoo!!! Congratulations!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I hope you’re addicted to sock-knitting now! :smiley: