Gusset Increases on Toe Up Socks

Bah, I can’t get my head wrapped around which increase to use on which side.

Okay, here is the diagram that I can follow from:

For reference LN=Left soul stitch Needle, top=top, RN=Right soul stitch Needle.

I will be using Amy’s M1B and M1F increases. (

All I need to know (for now) is which increase goes on which side. Please and thankies. The more I try to figure it out, the more I feel confused. :mrgreen:

If you are looking at the sock the M1F is on your right and the M1B is on your left, just like the picture.

Okay, to keep this straightened out, I’m going to type it out as a set of instructions. I will have to refer to it a lot :thumbsup:

[U]Row One[/U]

  • one st before end of LN, M1B
  • knit top as is, or in pattern
  • one st after start of RN, M1F

[U]Row Two[/U]
-knit sts all around (keeping in pattern at the top)

**continue until desired gusset length is reached.

Thank you very much Katrina :muah: