Guinea pigs - delivery check in

Hi Folks

The stitch markers have began arriving and I wondered if you wouldn’t mind letting me know either by my own e.mail address or here when you get them, please.

I’d like to give everyone about a week to check them out and see how they get on, if that’s okay.

I’ll send you an e.mail version of the questionnaire to save mailing them back to me.

Any probs. please E.mail:

Lemming Meringue Pie!

Well, I DID warn you.

Have a great weekend

Limey :cheering:

I got mine and they are absolutely beautiful! I can not wait to use them! :thumbsup:

:frowning: Not yet. But I’m looking forward to the test drive! :XX:

Haven’t gotten mine yet . I’m really excited to try them too!! :smiley:

I checked out your site limey… very cool concept!
When you look at the quantity, does that mean one marker or is it one set?
I’ll have to keep an eye on your stuff and order some…
I didn’t look, but what is the cost US$?

knit on! :thumbsup:

I got mine this afternoon!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Unfortunately I have out-of-town guests for the next 1.5 weeks and have not had any time to knit! :o They leave the 18th so you better believe I’ll be testing them out that afternoon. :slight_smile:

Hi Binkykat

Thanks for your enquiry.

There are six markers per each gift-boxed set.

US prices match the prevailing exchange rate, which currently is $1.85 to the £1.

I’m happy to give KH members 10% discount on the lower priced sets - and more on the higher priced ones. There’s a COUPON space on the ordering part of the site. For the discount just write KH followed by your KH User Name.

Please keep your eye on the site - I’ve been busy buying new beads (again! - bead buying is getting as addictive as knitting) but to save my web managers going nuts, we tend to change the website when there are a few different sets of beads to include.

If you need more info. or have anything else you’d like to know, please e.mail me:


Hope mine are waiting on me when I get home this evening from my week at the beach.


Haven’t received mine yet :frowning: . I anxiously check the box every day, I cannot wait to get them!! :wink:

:cheering: :cheering: :happydance: :happydance: Got mine today :happydance: :happydance: :cheering: :cheering:

I just started working the pattern.

I just got back home today and the mail man brought all my mail to me they were in it sooo I have worked my pattern and filled out the survey about to e-mail you with it :happydance:

ETA: they are really beautiful I love the beads!!

Mine are here in town waiting at the post office for me. Have to figure a time to get over there before they close.


Got mine - not started yet, so sorry - family issues stopping me for clicking!

Just got mine too…they’re sooooooooooooo pretty!

[color=blue]Mail just came… maybe tomorrow :sunny:

south portland, me [/color]

:smiley: Got mine. They are beautiful! :XX: :XX: :XX:

[color=blue]ooo a delivery in PA? Maybe mine will come tomorrow… :cheering:

southern maine[/color]

Nothing yet. I’m hoping they’re in today’s mail since it seems that everyone on the east coast are now receiving theirs :pray: .


and I’m probably the one who lives closest to the UK and I still haven’t seen mine :verysad:

Ellie, I know it’s not your fault, like I’ve told you before :slight_smile: But, you know, it’s just that now I see others having theirs and having fun with them, I feel sort of deprived, left out maybe.

But hopefully they’ll be here later this week; I’ll wait untill the mail drop off on Saturday morning so there are 3 more chances :thumbsup:

Got mine today!! :happydance: They are very very pretty! Well done!
I can’t wait to start working with them.