Guinea Pig Update

Hiya Folks

Just to let you all know that the packages are now winging their way to you.

I’m really sorry, but I found it impossible to send the stuff either by FEDEX or UPS - I rang the Indian call centre for FEDEX and they gave me a quote for £30.00 for each package. I told 'em I was sending stitch markers, not exporting the Crown Jewels! And DON’T even ask me about UPS rates.

So, this means that the packages are going by ordinary Airmail, which brings me to the next bit - could I ask you as a well-disposed, not to mention a well-dispersed lot, that when you get the package could you please NOT MENTION THE KNITTING PATTERN HERE UNTIL WE ALL KNOW THAT EVERYONE HAS RECEIVED THEIR STUFF.

I do want the markers checked out and NOT KNOWING THE PATTERN IN ADVANCE SHOULD HELP.

If you could just send me a quick e-mail, please, to let me know they’ve arrived, then I can tell you when they’ve all been delivered.

Again, Many Thanks for your time and effort.



:thumbsup: :fingerwag:

Hi Ellie!

Thank you for the heads up. Will keep schtumm till everyone has theirs :slight_smile:

Looking forward to trying these out =D

Ditto. And thanks!

Absolutely! My lips are zipped! :wink:

Can’t wait to try them!

I hear ya.


so excited.

Will let you know when it arrives and keep it top secret!

I’ll let you know when they arrive!! :smiley:

I 'll let you know and my lips will be sealed! [size=1]As hard as that’s going to be!!![/size]

TY for emailing me about this post - otherwise I would have missed it!!

I will keep my lips sealed and I promise to email you as soon as i receive them.

I will let you know and keep quiet! :thumbsup:

[color=blue]Ditto for me… so excited. :cheering: The mail carrier at work wonders why I greet him with such a big smile :sunny: lol.

sebago, ME[/color]