Guide for Circ. lengths & minimum no. of stitches


Seems everyone’s busy with the circs today - found this guide which tells you what length circ. to use for whatever number of stitches you cast on.

Scroll down the page until you get to [B]

Sept. 27 2005[/B] -[B] Info Dump - circular needles[/B]

This is very useful for beginners :cheering: Thanks:star:


That helps, because I’m making a drawstring bag with circulars! Thanks! :hug:

i thought a dircet link to the chart might be easier for some ! here it is!

thanks for finding and sharing this with us!

Hi Jeanius

Thanks very much for posting that link.:hug: As you can tell, I am definitely not the sharpest needle in the stash when it comes to websites whatsits, so all contributions are more than gratefully received.

All the Best