Guidance on Pattern Adjustment

I am knitting a sweater for my husband. The back in 28 in. The front starts the neck shaping at 25 in. I decided to make the front 26 in. I’m not sure how to say this correctly but my husband has a small belly that would make the front look shorter. (Our secret). If I complete the neck shaping after the 26 in. the front will be 11 rows longer than the back.

Would I be able to seam it so it looks correct? Should I adjust the neck shaping? Should I frog back the 11 rows and then start the shaping? Making the medium size. Your expert advice would be very helpful.

There are two possibilities that may work and perhaps more. One is to add short rows where you need a bit of shaping (ahem, the belly). It’s like the bust shaping here:

The other is described in this article which uses extra width in the lower part of the sweater with decreases at the sides to narrow the sweater.

Hey! Thank you! I think I’d call it “busting a gut” mens sweater. :grin:
I think I could use such a customized mens pattern. lol