Guestimating yarn

I’m wondering…

Approximately how much yarn is needed for, say, a large ladies sweater, long sleeved and hip length, with a normal or V neckline? Is there some kind of ‘1 average sweater = 500 oz of worsted weight yarn’ formula for this, or must one always worth with a pattern?

Pattern? Who needs a pattern?
There’s a great yardage estimator here

When I go yarn shopping, I keep the number 1500 in mind. Based on this estimator, 1500 yards should easily make a sweater.

(And, if you have extra, one of your friends gets a scarf!)

Get yourself “the knitter’s handy guide to Yarn Requirments”. It’s a flyer type thing, protected to make it sturdy and you can carry it with you when shopping for yarn. It’s a priceless tool! :slight_smile:

What’s the chest/bust circumference, and weight of yarn you want to work with?