Guess why my mom and dad are DA BEST?!?

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Very nice…grats!

Congrats!!! glad to see people indulging your knitting addiction!!


(and I just love the picture of Leetah on your blog! Great series!)

Thats awesome!!! Let us know how you like them I’ve been thinking
about getting them. I got the dpns and I think they pretty . I havent used them yet, though.

Good for you, I hope you enjoy them. I must be the only person who doesnt have them…yet!:aww: Sissy

:hug: I wouldn’t have them either if it wasn’t for the parents.

Congratulations. I have the Options set and I ordered just two of the 16 inch Harmony circs. Size 5 & 8. Was a little uncomfortable with them at first but now I love them. Can’t justify buying a whole set though. Have fun with your new needles.:happydance:

How cool is that? Yay, Letah. I still have to order mine, that DH said he’d get for my bday this year. haha. Just haven’t had the time to order it.

Kewl :mrgreen:

Are they looking to adopt?

Well they quit having kids after me because (and I quote)

“We were worried that you would be the good one…”

I think they’d rather adopt me out then take in another one…:teehee: Although mom is quite taken with FH (she’s known him since he was 10) and I think she’s thinking of trading me in for a better model…

I asked for two things for Christmas from dh–one was the harmony needles. The other was a lantern moon bag that I found online; I got the bag but not the needles. Let us know what you think–I’m not a big bamboo/birch/wood needle user but I have tried a friend’s harmony needles and like them quite a bit.