Guess what they are knitting?

I saw this on one knit blog and would like to share…they are knitting the world biggest SOCK ! holy cow !!!:flirt:

Apparently they have heard about all the weight I have gained recently and are making me a skirt. Very funny girs, my can isn’t THAT huge! (yet)

Or is it a mumu for an elephant?

What a waste of yarn… theycould have just boxed it all up and sent it to me if they wanted to get rid of it!!

That’s the size my normal socks turn out! :teehee: Yep, I have gauge problems.

:roflhard: BIP! :fingerwag: Be nice to yourself now!

My first thought is WHY???


:shrug: OK, I don’t get it. A) what’s the point other than to have your name on a world record B) if they wanted to do something as a group, why not use all that yarn to knit chemo caps, lapghans for nursing homes, baby hats for NICU wards or dog blankets for animal shelters. It just seems to be a huge waste of time and effort. It isn’t like anyone can wear it (Statue of Liberty maybe) and no one will really benefit from it. All that yarn!

I agree w/you all! What a waste of yarn.

I agree!

I don’t know…maybe someone could live in it when they’re done…:??

Same here! Why waste yarn like that?

Indeed a waste. Reminded me of the “socks” Hermione made for the house-elves.

Impressive, but I do have to agree that all that yarn could have gone to a much better cause - like chemo caps or blankets for the elderly. My husband made a joke the other night that I should take all of my stash yarn and knit the world’s biggest sweater.