Guess what my husband got me!

I can’t believe it! I’ve been trying to figure out which set of options I want. So today I opened my e-mail and there was a order confirmation so I went to look what he ordered and it was BOTH SETS!!! OMG!!! I am so excited! :inlove: I love him!

Wow! Wanna send an extra set my way? What a nice guy…


wow your husband LOVES you!!! the first project knitted on them should be for him :yay: :yay: :yay:

Yeah he does love me. I’ve very honored to have him as my husband. (not just because of the needles lol!! he’s a good man)

:passedout: wow, whata guy!

Holy cow, that’s awesome!

cool!! I’m jealous :stuck_out_tongue: LOL-enjoy!! Tell us what you think, I really want the wood ones and I already have the Options :mrgreen: :teehee:

Awesome! Hubby gets bonus points. :slight_smile:

He is a keeper…what a kind and loving gesture…

Awww… does he give lessons?:slight_smile:

If he’s like mine, who I consider a really good man, also, he bought both so he wouldn’t have to listen to you wondering which set anymore. :roflhard:

there is a nice cabled sweater in the “son of a stitch n bitch” Book
that would be my “payback” for such and act
and I don’t even know him


Oh, what a great guy! Enjoy your present :thumbsup:

Awwww! What a sweetie your husband is!! :mrgreen:

[B]OMG…what an adorable hubby![/B] Did he graduate with a Master’s Degree in “Husbandry”!!! Me thinks so! :heart:

This might have had somthing to do with it LOL!!


I still have to order mine … I’m overdue on deciding what I want. It was a birthday presy from last year…

Well what you do is…LOL!!! ask his expert advice and show him the pros and cons of both needles and then don’t make up your mind for weeks but mention something about them everynight before bed. LOL!!! Worked for me.

Does he have a brother? :roflhard:

Wow!!! How awesome! Yup, he’s a keeper …