Guess no one can help!

Hi all…first off, we got slammed :eyes: with over 4 feet of snow :grrr: and ought of boredoom :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: I decided to cut my bamboo (new) 14" needles down :roflhard: well, the cutting down was o.k., now I can’t get the points right :wall: :wall: Watched Amy “widdle” away on the knitting forum but I goofed mine up. Anyone want to fix them for me :notworthy: :notworthy: I’ll send them to you?? :pout: Chele

What size did you shorten? Can you use a pencil sharpener on them?

Tried to get them to 10" that went o.k. tried a pencil sharpener and not getting a nice narrow end :waah: