Guess it's time to shop!

Yesterday was a bad knitting day. I got stuff done, it was the losses on the train that are going to lead to a shopping trip. In the morning I left my dpn tip protectors on while I knit. I usually do so I don’t have to dig in my bag and find them again. Well, one went flying off and I couldn’t find it under the seats. Darned thing must have bounced. On the trip home I heard a metallic clink on the floor under me. Lost my cabelng needle this time. I was at an end seat and it fell between the seat and train. No way I could ever find that again! Neither one is a big loss, I have replacements for that stuff. But, what the heck, I need an excuse to go shopping. ::teehee:

any excuse will do!!

Happy shopping <grin>

Is this going to be one of those things like going in for a gallon of milk and coming out with $50 worth of groceries???

I say enjoy your trip!