Guess I'll Have To Change My Avatar Again

Today I decided to shave off my beard. Bored I guess. My face feels nekked. :shock:

I guess I’ll have to make a new avatar for myself when I get a few extra minutes between knitting, work, and geocaching.

Wow, you really shaved off your beard?

Do you plan to grow your beard back or do you think you will keep the clean shaven look for a while?

Bet you look hot (or cool) :wink:

wow change that icon I wanna see :wink:

I’m sure I’ll grow it back for Winter.

Nah, just more of my ugly mug to be seen.

I will when I get a chance, just make sure no small children can see it as it may frighten them.

You must have been bored! After you cut your hair that time, I made the suggestion that you consider trimming your beard and you didn’t . . . well . . . seem very open to the suggestion :rollseyes:

Can’t wait to see your new look :thumbsup:


Taps fingers…waiting…waiting…waiting… No making us wait for designer stubble to kick in.

I can’t wait to see your naked chin. :drool::drool:

mmmm… naked chin… :passedout:


:happydancing: :happydancing: :poke:WE WANT NAKED CHIN PICTURES!!! :poke::happydancing: :happydancing:





I agree, lets see you bearing it all:teehee:

Can’t wait to see the ‘new’ you.

I love Geocaching too.


Ok, ok. Geez. Who knew chin porn was so popular? :shrug:

Way cool. I like the nekkid chin. I bet you are cooler without the beard right now!


Looks good Mason.