Guarantee on Lanter moon needles?

Hi guys

Does anyone know if there’s a guarantee on the Lantern Moon Sox Stix? I just ordered a set, and have only gotten about an inch into my sock (first time using these needles), and the working needle snapped in half in my hand! It’s not like I stepped on it or sat on it. I’ve used my clover needles and never had this happen.

Am I out of luck? Should I contact the company or the seller? Has this happened to you?

I have been wondering the same thing! My mom had the exact same thing happen to her. My mom tried to contact the company but couldn’t find any information about their “guarentee”.

You should most definitely contact the seller. My LYS sold Lantern Moon rosewood circs, which have rotating joins. The cables were detaching on some, and the proprietress said that anyone who had this problem should bring them back to the store because she was sending them all back. I actually had that problem with mine, but I loved the needles so much I just put a dab of glue on the join and carried on. But you should go through whomever sold them to you.

I did e-mail the seller (i bought them on e-bay) so I don’t know how that would work. I asked them if they knew of any guarantees and if they ever had any loose needles they could send one out. I don’t think it’s necessarily the entire set, but for $20 a set, you think you’d get more than 1" of knitting out of them.

So I’m still waiting to hear back from the seller. I’ll update you guys if and when I hear anything.

I got a response to the email I sent to the seller from Ebay. She stated that Lantern Moon does have a warantee on their needles, and she’s already contacted them to send me a replacement. Hopefully they follow through on that.

Thanks for your help :muah:

great as it should!!!11

Ok, you’re not going to believe this. I broke another freakin’ needle! :evil: :hair::grrr::!!!::-x

I checked the rest of the needles. 2 out of the remaining 3 feel pretty sturdy, but one feels a little too flexible and I know that’s going to be the next one to go!

I wrote back to the seller, who has not had luck getting a response from Lantern Moon, but is attributing it to the holiday. We’ll see. But I asked if I could have 3 needles instead of just the 2. I don’t know what else to do.

I should have just stuck to my clovers. They haven’t let me down yet. And now I’m stuck! I can’t do any more work on my socks until I get my replacements. I’m doing monkey socks, both at the same time on 2 sets of dpns, but the pattern calls to split the stitches over 4 needles, so the 5th is the working needle. I stole the spare needle from my other set, and figured I’d just use it back and forth between the two anyway, but now I need to use all of them to hold my existing stitches. sigh

I am done with Lantern Moon. I have size 1’s, 2’s, and a pair of size 1 Sox Stixs. ALL of these pairs have 3 sturdy needle, and 2 bendy ones. I emailed them, and it took forever to get a replacement, and they sent me 1 needle…and it was bendy! I am sending back the ones I just bought, and I am done with them. I’ll get the crystal palace bamboo or stick with the metal for the smaller ones.

i think i’m inclined to agree with you for the future. I wishe I had known about this before I bought the needles in the first place.

Live and learn, I guess.

If you are looking for an alternative and great needles to boot, might I suggest skyridertrd on ebay. Bamboo needles, and I am a repeat buyer from this seller. I am very happy with my purchases and if you try to bid on the items ending in the middle of the week you can end up with an excellent deal on bulk needles. On weekends there seem to be more people trying to outbid you on them. No matter what you spend on them, I feel they are a great addition to your collection.

Yeah, I broke one of the straights AND one of the their circs. I got replacements by contacting Lantern Moon directly, but it took more than 2 months, maybe it was 3, so of course I had to go buy other needles cuz they broke mid-project. I have one set of dpns that I got in a trade, only 4 since 1 had broken pre-trade, and I’m treating them oh so delicately.

I just broke a CP dpn size 1, too, from leaning on it. :pout: I have to make myself like metal dpns.

I agree with the above poster. I have purchased many bamboo needles from this seller skyridertradingon ebay and have never had a problem. I am selling most of my bamboo because I am buying the knitpicks options set. So if you are looking for any needles I may have them. PM me if you are interested.

Ive seen that seller on Ebay and was wondering about them. Ill have to check out their DPN auctions!