Knitting ‘Tweed Beret’ by Kristen Tendyke and I’m confused on the gauge determination:

[I]Pattern says: Gauge: 17 sts and 27 rows = 4" in St st; 19 sts and 27rows = 4" in 1 x 1 rib, slightly stretched.[/I]

Does this mean lengthwise (from cast on sts to last row on needle), or width of the knitted swatch (side to side)?

Thanks to anyone who can clear this up for me :???:

It’s both, it should make a square. However, it’s a good idea to cast on more sts than you need, the edge sts curl under and may be a different size than the ones in the middle. CO about 25 sts and work 2-3" in the ribbing, then another 2-3" in the stockinette. Then measure the sts.

Ah ha, thank you for explaining. For some reason the way it was written seemed different than other gauge determinations.

Usually, they only give you the gauge for stockinette or a pattern stitch. Not many people give it for both; it’s generally assumed that if you get gauge in st st, you’ll get it for the pattern stitch, but that might not always be true.