I’m using #5 needles and I am getting 8 stitches per inch. I have a pattern that calls for #1 needles 8 stitches per inch. Sooo… should I use #5 needles since that’s what gives me 8 stitches per inch?

Can you tell I’m a tight knitter!? I’m getting better though.

Yes indeed! :slight_smile: I assume you are using the yarn called for in the pattern? If so, looks like those #5’s are your tool de jour :slight_smile:

Even if you’re not using the yarn called for, you’re getting the right gauge, so then use the 5s.

Pokes suzeeq…true true true :slight_smile: However I said that after finding a friend crying to me about the gauge changing and I discovered she was using one yarn to swatch with and one yarn for the item LOL She ‘thought’ they were similar enough to make little difference but the ply was different :slight_smile:

Ahhh, I see what you mean. Yes, the swatch yarn should be the same as the one used in the pattern.

Winks…She also felt she was ‘saving’ the proper yarn for ‘good’ as we say here :slight_smile: It’s not only kids that do nutty, cute things LOL

If you’ve noticed that your knitting has loosened up over time, and is continuing to do so with practice (like mine). You should check your gauge periodically while knitting, especially if it’s a big project. You might need to drop a needle size part way through, although blocking solves a lot of inconsistencies :wink:

Ok, thanks everyone. Should I be doing a test swatch for every project? That makes sense… then there’s no question about whether or not I’m getting the right guage.


Yes, you should do a guage swatch for everything you knit. Most patterns tell you what your gauge should be with the yarn they recommend. So you should change needle sizes till you get that gauge. Also, If you decide to substitute yarn, Look for yarn that has a similar gauge to what your pattern calls for.