hi everyone! i did a search here for this info but could not find it, so i am sorry if this is a repeat question.

when dealing with guage, what if my yarn does not tell me how many rows per inch only stitches? all it says is size 6 needles and 5st=1in. i am trying to knit a baby hat.

can someone please help me?



Usually, row gauge isn’t that critical, anyway. A pattern will tell you to knit for a certain number of inches, so it doesn’t really matter how many rows it takes to get you there.

Gauge is a personal issue, too, since people knit at different tensions. The gauge on the yarn label may not be what your gauge turns out to be.

thanks for pointing that out! i already made one baby hat with it last year, but all the sudden got paranoid about it after looking thru my different yarn.
thanks again!