Pattern suggests double yarn or single bulky yarn. I’m using single bulky yarn. Guage states 2 threads together but I only used 1 as I’m using bulky yarn but My sample is a lot smaller than guage. Should I try guage with double my bulky yarn or just make a bigger size ? First time knitting a jumper! Appreciate any advice you have. Thank you

I’d try making a swatch with two strands of bulky and see how it turns out, if you think the size you originally intended to make is right.

Thanks a million. If my guage is too small does that mean if I follow instructions for size 36 it will actually be too small as well ? So if my double Bulky sample turns out to match the guage should I Knit double bulky ?

If double bulky gets the right gauge, use that for the size you want to make. You’re correct in thinking if your gauge is too big or small, it will change the dimensions of the finished object. Good luck!

Thanks for your help, fingers crossed !

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Welcome to KH!
Just to check, are you knitting a gauge swatch larger than 4 inches? That way you can measure over the center sts.
What is the name of your pattern?

Thanks for your support!

The first gauge I did was on the smaller needles, it should have been on the larger ones! When I did it with single bulky yarn on the larger needles
the gauge wasn’t so bad, so I’m going to go for it and start😊

I know I’ll have lots of questions, great to have found this community – thanks for support, much appreciated.

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