Guage question

I have a Norwegian pattern, in English, for dolls clothes. However, I am used to a guage which states xstitches X xrows = 4"/10cms. The guage on this pattern says 30stitches = 10cms. I have used the recommended needles and same ply wool and yet my 30 stitches measure much less than 10cms. I have tried using 3.25 and 3.50 needles and actually the result is more or less the same, about 7-8cms.

Can anyone explain what, if anything, I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

What size needles does the pattern say to use?
What thickness of wool/yarn does the pattern say to use?
What wool/yarn are you using?
Is the gauge being done in stockinette or some other pattern stitch?

Sorry, I perhaps should have realised you’d need to know this!!

The needle size is 2.5 or 3 and the wool is 4 ply. The guage does not say any more than : Tension: (Guage) 30sts = 10cm!

The pattern is a lot in stocking stitch but also uses a pattern of 1st row: k2,p2, 2nd row: purl, 3rd row: p2,k2, 4th row: purl.

Hope this is enough to get me an answer.

It seems to me you need larger needles. Maybe knowing the specific yarn recommended in the pattern would help.

They recommend Dale baby wool which I think is the equivalent of 4ply, but may be wrong. I am wanting to use Sublime baby cashmere merino silk 4 ply. I have tried on 3, 3.25 and 3.5 but each time the stitches only measure 7-8cm.

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You’re doing the right thing going up in needle size. Be sure that you’re doing a gauge swatch that will measure more than 10cm across. Cast on should be at least 40-45sts so that you can measure over the middle 10cm. That will give you the most accurate gauge.
GG is right, the yarn you’re using and the one recommended in the pattern will also help. (Possibly this is a Dale pattern in Baby Ull?)

It is the Baby Ull, yes, but what I don’t understand is that the only guage the give is 30 stitches = 10cm. I am used to reading something along the lines of 30stitches x [U][B]36 rows![/B][/U] so am not sure if the measurement on one needle will be sufficient. Should I knit several rows of, say, 50 stitches and then measure???

You should knit for about 10cm, maybe 50 rows. The stitch gauge is the most critical to get but you’ll still need to knit a tension square in order to measure an accurate stitch gauge. Knitting just a few rows won’t work.
Some patterns don’t give a row gauge but they’ll tell you in the pattern to knit for so many cms rather than so many rows in most cases.

OK, so I will cast on more than the 30 stitches and knit for about 50 rows and then measure and make adjustments with the needles from the result. Thank you.

This video might be helpful.

Knitting Gauge Basics

Dale Baby Wool (Ull) is described as a fingering weight yarn getting gauge of 32sts=4" on US 2 (2.5mm).

Sublime baby cashmere is described as a DK weight yarn getting gauge of 22stsx28rows=4"/10cm on US 5/6 (4mm).

Seems to me that if you are substituting a thicker yarn but trying to use the smaller needles as called for in the pattern then you should be reaching gauge size (4"/10cm) with fewer stitches.