Guage question

I did my swatch for my Soleil tank. Washed it, blocked it, measured it. The pattern says 22 sts by 33 rows is 4x4. So that works out to 11 sts by 16 rows for 2x2. When I measure that, I get that. But my swatch is 4x4.15. Is that ok?

I know that I’ll want my tank to be a bit longer than the pattern calls for so this’ll mean I don’t have to add extra rows, right?

But my swatch is 4x4.15. Is that ok?


Do you mean 22 x 15? If that’s the case, you’ll be fine. Just keep measuring the length. Don’t worry about number of rows.

You mean 4"x4.15"?? I don’t think that’s enough to make any difference at all. Especially with blocking, once the project is completely finished you can always tweak the measurements ever so slightly with blocking. Good luck!


Right. It’s 4" x 4.15" instead of 4" x 4" TY, ladies. :slight_smile: