Guage problems

the guage calls for 32 sts - 4". Impossible! I have gone down to a #1 needle and still cannot get more than 26 sts over 4". I have no intention of knitting with a #1 needle!!!

What gives here and what can I do??

What pattern are you following? Are you using the same weight of yarn as is called for in the pattern?

What pattern and what yarn are you using for it? If you can a link would also be helpful. This info helps us help you when you’re asking questions since different patterns may require different answers.

If you’re using a different weight yarn it can cause problems.

You would need very thin yarn to get 8 sts/inch, which is normal for a sock. Some people use size 0 or 00 for socks if they’re a loose knitter. If it’s not a sock and the pattern comes in different sizes, you can use the size 4s and make a smaller size of the pattern, or use less stitches.

Well, it matters what yawn your using and your knitting needles. Thinner yarn means more stiches, but also if you use small knitting neddles too.