Guage problem

HI. I’m working on a sweater that is 2X2 rib throughout. When I knit the guage swatch in stockinette, I did not see that they also wanted me to knit one in the pattern. I’m very far along and now see that it’s too small. I knit very tight and have already gone up 2 needle sizes. If I go up any more it will look too loose. Should I rip it all out and just knit it a bigger size? The thought of it is very depressing.

Unless you wanteds to give the jumper away at the end its to small for you. persopnally if i wasnt planning to give it away whats the point in making something that you cant ever wear. if it was me i’d either give it to charity/a friend or rip it out.

sorry you have gone this far, its sooo frustrating when that happens

Frogging is part of knitting. If it’s too small frog it and start over. Just chalk it up as a test run.

You have my sympathies!-- I hate even ripping back one row, let alone an entire piece. But I really, really would do it. It’s going to be unuseable in its current form, and you’ll be so much happier if you just pull it all out and start again. :frog: :waah:

I agree with the above users.

If you continue knitting as it is now, you’ll never wear it.
I would just start over ‘after’ doing a gauge in the 2x2 rib so that you can do the correct size needed for you.

Good luck!

(Also, instead of ripping the work you’ve done already, there is a thread on here on how to just roll the piece you wanted to frog, and knit from it. This causes less wear & tear on your yarns as they don’t get pulled and stretched when being re-wrapped into a ball - you just knit of the old project)