Guage and Tension

Since acquiring Carpal Tunnel syndrome, I have trouble with guage. I can’t keep the tension correct and the stitches are always too big. I tried smaller needles. Didn’t help much. I knit w/yarn over left hand. Changing to right hand didn’t help. Any ideas/gadgets/anything? :knitting:

You would probably need to knit a smaller size of a pattern, or use less stitches. Go with a gauge that’s comfortable for you to knit.

FYI, the majority of carpal tunnel symptoms (even when diagnosed by an MD) are not, they’re a variation of tendonitis, or due to compressed nerves in the neck and shoulder, not in the carpal tunnel itself. Try to get an upper body massage and in the arms and forearms. Do some stretches for your arms, rotate your head, don’t grip the needles tightly and get up a take a break from knitting (or being on the computer or other sitting) every half hour or so.