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Just adding my 2 bits here…I was horrible in school and testing. But I think my issues stemmed from a lack of parental support at home . Being raised by my evil Grandmother she was under the thought that a good beating would make for better grades . It only made everything worse in school. To this day I work harder at trying to understand things that everyone else already knows. I was one of those students that fell between the cracks and no one cared . I am amazed that I’ve made it this far , lucky for me I married a man that has always worked with me and with his help he got me through my last year of high school which I graduated with honors .


Nobody should have to endure such treatment, Nana. Encouragement was so totally lacking in our household but I wasn’t beaten physically. Nobody seemed to care if I got good grades but I too graduated with honors and found it didn’t mean much to me. I’m so glad you found someone who helps make life so much better. You are intelligent, creative, beautiful, and inspiring.:hug:


And so are you my friend , what is that saying ? "That which does not kill us, [I]makes us stronger " My past has made me if nothing else a stronger person in some ways.


:muah: you’re my new hero.


She needs a face and a name, then she’ll be done.

The Parlor Cat


How adorable!!


Thanks. I will probably do another one in a different color.


how Cute!!
This new job is really interfering with my knitting time.
I knit vicariously through all of you. :slight_smile: