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I just checked out the chart and her findings and either I have a very weird foot or her sizing is way, way off for me. I cannot get any two measurements to work together…now I have made more than 75 pairs of socks since 2011, so who am I to disagree with this expert???

I use a foot form for sizing based on Cat Bordhi for sizing all socks whether cuff down or toe up, (FLKH also uses the same type of form) and this has never failed me making socks for others.

[ATTACH]foot form[/ATTACH]

I’ve not checked the measurements yet. Now I’ll look at them with suspicion.

My foot:
Length: 9 1/4
Circum: 7 1/2
Arch: 8 3/4
Heel: 11
Ankle: 8 1/4

As you see I can’t get 2 measurements the same as her chart.

I’m going to look at this and get my measuring tape out later. I try to get the length and circumference measurements and so far that works out well for me. For myself I just try it on and don’t worry about the measurements. I’ve wondered how to determine the gusset increases for someone based on measurements and thought this might help me understand and figure it out. Dunno. Right now I can’t think it through.

I only worry about length and circumference too, that is why my template works so well, for either cuff down or toe up socks…

I only worry about circumference when I know someone has a large instep… Then I do gusset increases rather than my normal shaddow wrap heel…

Tube sox round toe

For my Growing Feet Sox.

Begin decreasing 2 1/2" before final length - *k8, k2tog
8 rnds even
Dec rnd
7 rnds even
Cont as est till k2tog all around
yarn through sts

Some days.

Done. At long last.

Sox for Growing Feet aka the tube sox from hell. I do not know why I had so much trouble with them but I did. I kept messing up on the 2x2 rib that I worked on an uneven number of stitches to make it spiral. In order to finish them in this lifetime I decided enough 2x2 on sz 1 needles, moved to sz 2 and finished in stockinette.

I have ends to weave in still, 2 per sock, but want him to try them on first.

Looking good! I have never made tube socks, let me know how he likes the fit…

Thanks. Tube socks are sacrilege! lol I tried them on myself and I think they’ll be OK but I have no idea whether he’ll like them. He can be pretty picky. I’ll have to insist that he tells me if he doesn’t like them. I used 64 sts so they’re too big for me.

I’m thinking about the differences in the way people percieve things.

One example: One person cooks by using a pinch of this, a dash of that, a small handful of something else and two big handfuls of another ingredient. Other people have to have tsps, tbsp, or cup measurements. I’ll grab whatever onion is in the fridge and chop it up and throw it in the pot; someone else needs to know how much onion, how big was it, was it half a cup or something else.

I either understand a pattern and how it works and can therefore make it up as I go along or use a pattern for reference or I struggle miserably with it. Other people are lost without a very detailed pattern.

I’ve known for a long, long time that my communication style and ways of seeing things are different from most other people’s. The Myers–Briggs test scores me as an Intuitor Thinker under normal conditions and when I’m stressed it flips to Thinker Intuitor and that means I don’t communicate with others without a lot of effort on my part; go away and leave me alone is more like it. That test is one of the few things I’ve ever done that gave me a result that I really could say is accurate.

ETA Yeah, I’m weird. I know it. Only a very small percentage of people are Intuitor Thinkers. I think when I took the test as part of a class for work the guy in charge (who was also an Intuitor Thinker and so kept me from sitting alone when we split into groups) told me that we were part of less than 5% of the population. He said that there wasn’t always one in his classes but never more than one.

hey, GG! I think you and I are a lot alike, in the thinking/intuit dept.

This explains a LOT about me.

and how I approach knitting. as well as other things.

I have always felt like I’m “other” in just about any situation. School was hard because of the way things were explained and I had to work it out for myself. Once something clicks, though, it really clicks. There aren’t many people I really feel I connect with. There are sites online with questionnaires for the personality types/communication styles. I’ve seen them pop up on FB sometimes and I think they probably give a good idea of how one would score on the full test. I’ll do them once in a while just to see what they say and they always come back with the same result. It really is interesting. We took aptitude tests in school and mine told me that I should never work as a teacher, secretary, or in other jobs that require working closely with people. Big surprise.

so I did the meyers test thingy.

I am an INFJ.

just like Mahatma Ghandi!!!


also did an IQ test, came out with a score of 127.

makes me nearly a GENIUS!!!

more like idiot savant, if you ask me.
I think they give everyone a high score, just to make you feel better about yourself.

imagine taking the test and finding out you’re a brainless idiot. not good PR. :smiley:

I first. That doesn’t surprise me, reading your posts. The other letters’ meanings elude me. I guess I should go look 'em up. First, more java juice.


Length: 9 3/4

ETA That foot measurement surveymight be interesting but for me is meaningless.
Circum: 8 1/2
Arch: 9 3/4
Heel: 12 3/8
Ankle: 7 3/4

I have odd feet. lol

Based on these measurements and 10% negative ease my socks are too small. Maybe I like them snugger than most. Betcha I don’t care, I like how they fit and always do a high instep gusset and I still don’t know what “high instep” means.

ooo! ooo! I know this one!!!

a high instep means the part of the top of your foot, just in front of the ankle is higher than average.

this is the reason I have to get custom riding boots. no off the shelf ones exist in this world that I can get into.

oddly, both my feet are exactly the same. (no I don’t have two left feet.) MIRROR images.

although I’ve always wanted to name a dressage horse: Two Left Feet.

just read the survey.

I think the traditional sock measurement was based on a mans leg, rather than a womans.

men have skinny legs, women don’t. on average.

our feet are shaped differently, as well. women are narrower at the heel than men, but are wider up front.

The part of the foot in front of the ankle, that would be the one labeled “arch” in the link? Now do you know what average is? lol

Years ago when my feet were measured by someone who knew what the heck he was doing I found out just how bad for fitting my feet are. My heel is either AAA or AAAA and I can’t remember which but it doesn’t matter because shoes don’t have narrow heels like that unless they are custommade and the rest was medium. My toes are so long that they take me from an 8 1/2 size shoe to a 9 1/2 (if I’m lucky enough to find that size) but my arch is positioned for an 8 1/2. When I do find a pair of shoes I can wear comfortably they never have more than one pair so I can’t stock up knowing it may be years before I find another pair I want to wear at a price I can afford. At home it’s socky feet, my knit slippers, or barefoot inside. I do shoes on a must-wear basis. I got feet like my father’s. Dang it. :teehee:


no red carpet in Cannes for you?

I lOVE my stiletoes, but I wrecked my ankle a couple of years ago, and now I can’t walk in them anymore. left foot yes, right foot no.