GrumpyGramma's Knitting Room

Ya, Lori is right you’re a Brat :rofl:

I got my swift!:woot:

:sad: I have to wait to have time to play with it. Later this afternoon. :happydance:


Thank you! I [COLOR=“Red”]L :heart: VE[/COLOR] it!


Another 17 rows and then the border. Well, maybe I should count it as 18 rows because I’ll end with a row of Ocean in sc because that’s what I started with…unless the fsc looks more like hdc and then it will be a row of hdc. :shrug: I’ll decide when I get there.

I love it, I like your combo’s much better on the bed, than I did as a small swatch…very, very nice!!!

Thanks. The colors show a bit better there but still don’t come true. My granddaughter saw it on the bed yesterday and when she found out it’s for her her eyes lit up like Christmas. :star: I told her it’s an an old lady style and she grinned and said she must have an old lady inside. She drove over after school because she had to wait for her brother who stayed after for something and was here long enough for a snack and some chat and to find my Souk yarn I’d misplaced…it went with the Mermaid Skin to my bedroom and she remembered seeing it. Anyhow, she’s checking to see if she has a pillow or two that could be covered in the same yarns, I have enough of it to do something I think.

ETA Daughter said something about putting the colors in a different sequence. I told her to get the yarn, tell the order she wants them in and I’ll do something for her.

What a wonderful Gramma you are ! I absolutely love it !

Thanks. Not really, I do these things because I want to. I’m the most selfish person I know. I do it because it makes me feel good. I have 6 rows left, then figure out the border and now I’m thinking I’ll do a the shells around the outside and that will probably require me to buy more yarn even though I think I should have enough. If I need to buy more I hope I can get it as cheap as I did this stuff. :pray:

:noway: Did I post that , shame on me . Whatever your reasons, I know she’ll love it !

I’m ready to call this thing DONE!

I curled up on the daybed to crochet yesterday, heard a crack, and the thing broke. The back is now loose at one end. Dang it.

i agree. if the blanket is so massive that it’s causing seismic issues, then it’s done! :wink:


If only the blanket were to blame.

Crochet square blanket
Pretty. Of course I love purples.

All done.

looks great! such a nice job, and must be a big weight off your mind too. :wink:

Thank you. I just wish you could see what the colors are really like.

After it broke the daybed :wink: I just wanted it done. All those yarns were hard to manage, trying to put it away was a very not-funny joke. Now I’m not feeling like what to do, I’m feeling the weight of it off and enjoying. I might even really clean my kitchen.

I’d not made something that size in a long time. It’s definitely a cool weather work, crochet or knit.

Very beautiful!

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Thank you, Jan!