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Looking into buying this one too . It’s on sale too!! Update , I showed this link to Ed (hubby) and he liked the idea of the gears . So while I was in the shower to my surprise he ordered it for me ! I have a [B][I]Strauch[/I][/B] ball winder which I’ve been very happy with until it started acting up . It takes a belt and they need to be replaced . The plastic cone needed to be replaced but ‘Tim the Tool Man’ as I call Ed , decided that he could fix it . He fixed it but there is something still not right with it . It some times winds weird . I watched a video on this new winder and I like that it has a bobbin feed and you don’t have to hold the yarn as it winds.

Thanks Lori for the link !


Ugh! I haven’t even been knitting lately, and my small ball winder works just fine. So tempting, and being on sale and all.


I’m in lust, that winder is so appealing, I really do need bigger balls. I’ll have to wait, I’ll console myself by using my new swift. If it ever gets here. I ordered it last Friday!
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You’re forgiven, my child. You don’t have to knit to be loved here. How’s the jewelry and beading and whatever else you’ve got going?


I’ve been so missing knitting. Beadwork does not sell as well as I’d like, not in great demand. And the market is so flooded with jewelers. So what did I decide to do? Learn a new jewelry skill! I’m setting up a lampwork studio to make beads, hopefully I’ll be melting glass in the next few weeks. I’m beginning to collect bottles, I’ll break them into shards, melt and then pull into glass rods that I can work with, “upcycled” glass beads. Here’s an example of what I hope to be making soon.


Wow. Those are cool. You have to share pictures of yours when you get going.


It may be more of a winder than we need, but it does look good to me too, my Rav friends gave me the link. It was highly recommended by them. It still cost me enough as I had international shipping…my note on my order said it wouldn’t be shipped until April 3 because of stock shortage, did you get same message Nana?

Claire: Love those glass earrings! Real glass? What about weight and or do they break easy? I may be asking a pile of dumb questions,

GG I don’t own a swift, I use a lamp shade and old pole lamp…lol


I tried to figure out how to use a lamp shade but couldn’t get there from here. Anyhow, I got tired of trying to figure out how to do it and $pent money, now I want it to get here yesterday. I’m sorry you have to wait for you new toy.

ETA I just checked and right now it’s living large in Nelson, Montana. Maybe it’s checking out the local wool.


Re lamp shade, I just lay the yarn on top of the shade, and loosen the screw thing that holds the shade on, so when I wind The yarn the shade turns but does not fall off of lamp… Hope that explains it better… As to your wait, I am in the same position except yours has been shipped mine hasn’t…


I guess I just don’t have an appropriate sized shade. Even at thrift stores when I can find one those things cost waaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

I think you need this even more than I do. :teehee:


You brat, I clicked your link, started watching and watching and watching, then realized nothing is going to happen… Got ME!


You think that’s bad, check your email. :mrgreen:
Really, check your email.


Yes, same here on the Shipping date.


Do you have your own kiln ? I like your work .


Dear Nanaof6,

You can share the link I shared with Lorraine as I’m sure she won’t object. Please see below.

Best Regards
The Brat



Oh my goodness! You have all been so busy with this mischief making :roflhard:

@Lori - The earrings are not heavy at all. The ones pictured is an image that I captured, I hope to be making some that will be similar soon. They are made of recycled glass, bottles that have been broken into workable pieces. A piece is melted using a torch; this pair looks like a “leaf masher” is used for forming.

Round beads are made using a mandrel and a glass rod. In one hand the mandrel (a steel rod) is held, the glass rod in the other. The glass rod is heated on one end to a molten stage, then while being held perpendicular to the rotating mandrel, the glass is wound onto the mandrel to form the bead.

I don’t know how these leaves are made :noway:, I suspect an off-mandrel technique. I’ve made a few leaves myself using a mandrel, I’ll have to inspect this photo closer. Thankfully we have youtube, makes learning so much easier.

My head is hurting, really too early in the day for that. So many details with setting up the studio. A lot of inquiries, both on a forum, and with various businesses and such, and moving from one issue to the next. Ventilation, worktable, torch, basic tools, gas and oxygen supply, bead annealing kiln, the list goes on. Did I mention glass? :roflhard: Certainly this must be part of the equation.


GG is no longer GG. She will now be known as THE Brat!! Lol💥


Hear, hear :clink:



I feel so warm and fuzzy. :heart: Thank you.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the little people. Children too young to speak will wear anything knitted or crocheted with no complaint and smile sweetly.

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