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Do you think the Portuguese way would slow me down? I want so desperately to knit continental . How do you hold the yarn when you purl continental ?


Thanks. Shopping limited choices at JoAnn was challenging, the cream I already had and I added as an afterthought bright contrast and to make an odd number of colors so the repeats are offset. See the light colored one, sort of yellow looking? The Soft Sage is right below it. It’s the first row of shells at the bottom.

I like the colors IRL they just won’t photograph for me. :waah: I tried them in different arrangements but the dark colors grouped gave me the effect I want.


Project Gutenburg

Search the catalog for: Encyclopedia of Needlework by Thérèse de Dillmont

I stumbled across this book when I was searching for Tunisian crochet instructions and tutorials. I learned Tunsian plaited stitch from it. :thumbsup:


Trying to show the colors better.


That going to be beauitful !


Hey, Nana, I’m glad you like Portuguese knitting since it’s kinder to your hands. Lorraine must have posted a link you followed.

Thanks. It really is nice to crochet again and most of the time I can keep my hand and wrist from hurting, I just have to pay attention to how I’m moving them. Those treble cluster shells get kind of tiring. It’s 99 or more tc stitches on the shell rows.

I have to convince my daughter that my granddaughter won’t like it. It won’t be easy. :mrgreen:


I think I’ll rename my Ravelry project to Skinning a Mermaid. :mrgreen:


:rofl:Mr.X called you “ravel-ish”. Let me say for the record , I think you should call it 'Skinning a Mermaid ’ :roflhard: shake it up a bit ! I double dog dare ya !


Well, I’ll have to make sure I tell her thank you then .


I’ll think about it. I’m not in the mood for hate mail from some flounder. :wink: I never was one to take a dare, try a different tactic.

Skinning the Mermaid continues, it’s now past the halfway mark. I figure 4 complete color repeats since I did an odd number of colors would be a good idea and should come out about the right length. I’ll do a sc border around the entire skin at least once, maybe several times, in Ocean. We’ll see how long I can endure the fishy smell. :ick:

Ravelish…really, what’s up with kids these days? :teehee: Teach 'em all I know and they still know nuthin.

Now I’ve dropped my hook. :waah: Still have the line, no sinker, I guess it went with the hook. It’s purple and should stand out but with my color choices it could hide for along time. Maybe I can find it or the blue one of the same size, I have at least three of them.


oh no, what’d i do? it’s not a word, that i can find online…


found with graffiti art, including a version of ariel…


How beyond bizarre is that. I like 'em.

ETA Is thinking really still legal?


i don’t know, i’ve been out of it for a while… i could be committing all sorts of aldous huxley/ray bradbury crimes…


" So who’s twisted now !?!"


Thank you. I never thought you’d notice. :muah:


I just spent some money toady. My ball winder decided to quit on me so I bought this one today, not sure if I am nuts buying such a big one or not… I use a ball winder a lot as usually I knit from both ends of the ball doing 2aaT… Ball winder


Cool. Yes, you’re nuts, you associate with me so it is a given. :flirt: Looks like a good one. I need a bigger baller. Right now I’m waiting for my new swift to arrive, it’s not a swift now it’s a slow. I really need it, I have yarn I have to ball before I can knit it.

I have the winder from Knit Picks, so far it’s held up remarkably well. I always use the handle to hold it and haven’t mounted it ever. Does that one come with a handle? I guess I could read to see. brb Nope, doesn’t seem to have a handle. For big balls I probably wouldn’t want or need it.


It is a bit big, I agree I have this one, and after 3-4 years it is giving me trouble and not working properly, so someone on Rav gave me that link… And it is American made. Not China!
[ATTACH]my winder.[/ATTACH]


GM is American made and I won’t buy GM anymore. What’s that say? I wonder anymore what American made really means. For all I know it means they put a sticker on it after it got here from China. I’ve not looked into where that one is actually manufactured and assembled but if you like it I just might get one for moi. I hope my Knit Picks swift doesn’t disappoint. If it’s gone the way of their cables and things then it will, I’ll find out in a few days. They included a replacement cable with my order, I asked and it says they did, there was no reason to pay separate mailing costs. I went ahead and ordered because they had everything 15% off so to get free shipping I had to order a couple other things. :slight_smile:

ETA My car was probably built in Canada and that’s alright with me.