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Thanks, X. I really like that blue! I always want to bring home another pound of the stuff and it’s soooooooooo soft!

Blue hat had 3 purposes: 1. Test cable knitting. 2. Test Kitchener stitching ends of a cable band. 3. Make a hat. I consider it successful.

ETA This really says something. I used a UFO blanket for the background for the pictures. sigh


You are amazing “No patterns, I made them up as I went along” I admire knitters like you . Me, I have to have a pattern .


[quote=GrumpyGramma;1417021]I was asked for pictures - part 2

For this one I used the Baby Sophisticate pattern but added one more short row on the collar. I have buttons and must get someone to sew them on. I don’t know how. :sad:


Wait a minute here…You can knit up these beauitful garments but can’t sew a button on :noway: are you joking or are you serious .

By the way the sweater is awesome . Thanks for posting photos for me:out:


I’m very happy you finally posted pic’s :yay:


My favorite is the red baby’s sweater . I’d wear that in my size for sure .


GG. Love your pictures, well done!

We need a ‘love’ button on here!


Thank you. Considering how much I admire your work, this means a lot.


Thanks. Here’s an adult one for you. Knitted Jacket With Rib
I can sew on buttons but have to get a …


:teehee: Whenever someone says that we draw a circle on our chalkboard and write “round tuit” in the middle,and everyone groans.


You give me far to much credit, I am just like you, still learning new techniques, and striving to improve the ones I know!


Flowers in a Row stitch pattern

Maybe. You do beautiful work and I certainly admire it. I guess my interest is more in other areas right now. I’m finally getting my tension issues under control and my stitches are more even. That’s been a biggie and it has been really discouraging when I’d really work at something and then uneven stitches spoil it for me. Someone else might not see it the same way as I do but I really see the loose stitches and they’re a big distraction.


Does blocking help with your tension? I knit English all my life and had tension issues when knitting flat, my purl rows were always a bit looser than my knit rows, I had to be so careful, so I can understand your frustration. Learning continental solved the problem for me, but that was a frustrating learn for me as well. Many a time I cussed and thought I would never learn it…then one day the lightbulb turned on and it has been good since then…

Love that flower pattern, are you planning on using that on a design? I could see that on the edge of a sweater or a hat?


I am constantly trying to knit Continental . I was trying it on the double knitting potholder I was working on , putting the yarn in my left hand to purl and right to knit. I could only do a few sts and then I’d lose control of the yarn in my left hand when I would try to purl. I can knit Continental but not so good on the purling.


“Blocking will fix it” doesn’t seem to work for the real tension problems. If there’s too much yarn, there’s too much yarn in the stitches and it ain’t going away. Steaming or something will help a lot if it just needs a little evening out. I finally found out that I was allowing too much space between the stitches on the right needle…Continental, I can finally manage English a bit…when I was watching a video on improving long tail cast on and how to keep it loose. The light came on! :doh: How obvious can it be and I so totally can’t see it. Anyhow, it’s a lot better now and so I’m willing to try more things.

The flower pattern may well show up on a baby something…a little dress or sweater. I have yarn to use up that will do nicely for baby girl things. I thought it would look really good on the bands of a cardigan, around the yoke, on a hat. I have to do the two color version yet. If I do it on the bands of a cardigan I guess that means facing the bands since it’s stockinette. No big deal except that how to do buttonholes in a double layer eludes me and I can’t find the answer but I guess that isn’t an issue since it would almost certainly not have buttons all the way down.

ETA Since I learned to “pick my purls” as in this video I have to be careful not to purl too tight!


Funny how we’re so opposite! I guess it comes down to how we first learned. I could only knit when I realized I could “crochet knit” and hold the yarn just like I’d been doing for crochet. I’ll keep working on my English style, I want to be able to do it! and that’s really all it is.


I have to try this one !


That might work out well for you. I tried it and it’s not for me, the yarn round thumb thing is a no-go but for you, maybe it’s the solution.

I have to try Portuguese knitting again. Maybe this time it will work out better. I can see for some things it would be great.


It’s started. Caron One Pound in five colors,bottom to top: Ocean, Soft Sage, Cream, Deep Violet, Midnight Blue. Second photo is to show the Deep Violet and Midnight Blue better.

I took it outside, I used my full spectrum light inside, and still the colors don’t show well. sigh

ETA I caved. I put a project WIP on Ravelry. Mission Impossible


Very nice, to make the colours show up better next time , one thought would be light dark, light dark especially since your darks are so similiar… Yours does look pretty too…the colours are so pretty!

As to styles of knitting, all changes take time for brain memory to kick in. For me purling continental is easier than English knitting…go figure…

Nana, that thumb purling technique might become interesting when trying to work a is almost like a portuguese way of purling, but not quite,…I think it may slow you down??? I wonder how she knits?


I love the color choice, where is the Sage ?