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Wow, that is really nice, love it!


I may throw in the towel on the current yarn for the test knit. This gauge is a killer. I need sock yarn. I haven’t any solid color.


oh no!

stitch gauge more important than row gauge… how ‘off’ was it?

(and, sounds like i need to swatch again, so i’ll know if i should rethink that gauge.)


To make gauge with this yarn I have to use US 2.5 needles so I’m doing the rib with US 1.5 and it’s tight, tight, tight. Typically for this I would cast on fewer and use the same needles then increase after the rib.

This would be a good worsted weight pattern IMO. I do not have any idea how you got that gauge with larger needles. The rib is well started, I’ll continue.


this is good to know; and you’re really going to town with the effort, wow!

the swatches i’ve done so far have been in:

bernat baby big ball sport (#3 weight)
red heart comfort (says #4 weight, but very light, i’d call it a #3)
lion brand jamie baby (#3 weight)
premiere yarns/deborah norville serenity garden sock (#1 weight, used doubled)
premiere yarns/deborah norville serenity garden sport (#2, but thicker like a #3, discontinued)

my average gauge has been the 24 stitches across 4" that the pattern states.

that puts it smack in between #2 gauge (sport/baby, 23-26 sts on 3-5 needles) and #3 (dk/light worsted, 21-24 sts on 5-7 needles).

the discontinued sport was closer to 22.5/23, the red heart comfort was closer to 25. the others were just about dead-on with 23.5-24-24.5 across, all done on the #5 and #6 needles.

the gauge shouldn’t be so hard to get, so the pattern may well need some tweaking. i’ll remeasure the needles used, using more than 1 needle gauge card just in case. and then i’ll knit up another swatch. stay tuned… :wink:


I have the time to work on it so I decided I would bump the test knit up and see how it goes. My row gauge, I PMed it to you, I decided not to worry about per your message back to me.

Based on what we’d discussed before I had thought I might manage stitch gauge with the Pound of Love since it’s on the thinner side but to do so would require much smaller needles than I want to use with it. I tried the Spring Song and could have done with it but didn’t like something, I’m not sure now what it was. The RH TLC Baby works OK for gauge with US 2.5 needles and I’m good with that. The drop down to smaller needles for rib is what’s being difficult. I have about an inch of rib done and the size I’m working calls for 2.25" in rib.

It’s not unusual for me to size down needles to make gauge but I don’t think I’m a particularly loose knitter.

I’m eager to get past the rib and onto the rest of the hat. I want to see your pattern stitch worked up and I can’t really see it in the pictures, the colors don’t let it show.

Suggestion: Offer the option of casting on fewer stitches for rib and then increase.

I’m still enjoying this.

I have a nasty headache and knitting is one of the few things I’m managing to do until it gets better.


well i’m glad you’re still enjoying it, even with feeling under the weather (i think it’s going around… have been feeling ‘off’ myself, for a few days and yesterday had a migraine for the first time in months. been basic food-ing and super hydrating today)

left myself a note in the pattern about the ribbing/increasing option.

i’m attaching pictures… they’re the dark/un-retouched versions, and they show off the garter nubs better. the versions with flash, or that i tried to brighten completely washed out the texture. when i get this next swatch or two finished (to try and nail down the gauge issue) i’ll take pix of them as well, for sharing.


Thank you! Now I can see it. I think I’ll stick with solid color - as if I wanted to change yarns now :roflhard: . I have a thing about pattern stitches and multicolored yarns. I rarely think they play well together. After an inch of rib it’s easier to do now. Next time I’ll cast on fewer and use larger needles…might even do the XS in worsted weight just for kicks.

It’s migraine for me. When it hits me I can read and things but I’m a klutz and drop most things so I don’t dare try to clean up my kitchen. I got chocolate almond milk by mistake when I thought I was getting unsweetened almond milk. Drinking it seems to be helping, until now Almond Joy candy bars were the only thing that seemed to help. That was a mistake I’m glad I made!

ETA What’s the pass it on forum/group you posted before? I thought I saved a link but can’t find it. I think I have some yarn to offer.


i will say, i think rib, and patterns like seed stitch, are the most tedious evils, even if they’re necessary.i know so many others just find it mindless and easy… but i’m always having to repeat the pattern in my head, remind myself where the yarn’s coming from, etc. maybe that’ll go away in time, but i suspect it’s how i’m wired. :slight_smile:

the pass-it-on thread is part of the dark matter knits group on ravelry ( you offer something for free with free shipping, the winner then offers something for free with free shipping to the next person, etc. it’s on the honor system. some great stuff there. and no need to be a winner in order to offer anything. apparently i jumpstarted the thread after many months of dormancy, and there’ve been about 10 offers since then.


I cord ideas


I guess I don’t mind switching between knits and purls because of the way I knit. I don’t actually move the yarn between the needles, front to back and back to front. I just rock my left hand towards me to purl and away when I knit again.



I think I found my mermaid blanket pattern. Irish Wave
It seems to be a mulitiple of 14+1. I’m trying different hooks sizes to see what I like. Next is I. If I don’t like this well enough to commit to it soon I’ll try knitted waves. I would rather knit. I can’t seem to crochet so my wrist doesn’t bother me.


that looks nice! hopefully you find a hook size you like and figure out how to mitigate the wrist fatigue.


That is a gorgeous pattern :thumbsup:


Thanks, both of you.

I’m liking it with the I hook but will try J just on account of because I might like it better. If I’m buying the yarn it will probably be Caron One Pound. If someone else buys the yarn, it will still probably be Caron One Pound. :teehee: My granddaughter has cats and dogs sharing her blankets so they must machine wash and dry and I won’t spend a lot of $$ on yarn for a blanket for her to share with kitty claws.

I may get one of those gloves they have for crafters and see if it helps. I hold the needle differently and it still gets achy, doesn’t happen when I knit so the motions I use are more different than I thought. Come to think of it if I try English throwing my wrist hurts.


Helix/one-row/barber pole stripes sweater for a baby boy, odd bits of leftover yarn. Worked bottom up in the round.

My interpretation of the newsboy style hat for a baby.

Tube sox for a baby.

No patterns, I made them up as I went along.


I was asked for pictures - part 2

For this one I used the Baby Sophisticate pattern but added one more short row on the collar. I have buttons and must get someone to sew them on. I don’t know how. :sad:



X’s test knit - yes, I used a pattern :thumbsup:

Blue hat with cabled band - the top is Pound of Love Denim and the band is a mystery yarn

There. I posted pics. Happy? :mrgreen:


yes, yes i am! :slight_smile:

and the other hat looks great! that pound of love is a prettier blue than i’d imagined, and the cable work is really well done! :wink: