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Well I’ve knitted this pattern 7 times now , and I’ve found it very easy to follow . First off it’s a free pattern ,love that ! What I did is rewrite it and then laminated it so I can then use dry erase markers to cross off the rows as I go . Instead of follow the rows numbered as they are 1-12 once you knit rows 1-4 the rest is repeats of 5 and 6 so I write it out to follow from there as 5-6-5-6-9-6-5 and 12 is straight knit .Row 10 is a repeat of row 6 and 11 is a repeat of row 5 and once you get going it just makes it easier to get it in your head rather then looking back and forth . Hope that makes some sense , it works for me LOL ! Row 9 is the row that makes up the yo’s for the holes so be very careful as you knit along because I’ve made a few mistakes on my first couple of these shawls and if you mess up along the way with any of the yo’s it will show up on row 9 . It’s the only row where you must have 1 st left before the marker and if that 1 st isn’t there it’s frogging time. So I’ve learn to be very careful and watch my knitting as I go . One missed yo or added in the wrong place is going to matter big time . I’ve done so many of this pattern now that I no how important this is. But then this is the only lace project and pattern I’ve used so far. I plan on venturing to more intricate lace work as soon as I get my courage up.

Tell ya what, when you make it enough times to decide if you like it let me know, OK? :teehee:

All of what you said will make sense when I get to working the pattern, right now I can just think, OK that will be helpful to know, so I hope I remember to look for this then. I think the bind off would work well with lots of things…like pick up and knit a couple rows on my vest fronts and neck and then bind off like that.

I saw a scalloped cast on that uses a crochet hook that I need to try.

I love the scalloped edge on this shawl. It’s done with a crochet hook and it’s super simple to do.

I think I’m going to try that edge on my vest. It’s yellow and I’ve done a purple inset of eyelets. I think I’ll finish the edges in the same purple.

Grün ist die Hoffnung

Grün ist die Hoffnung

Beautiful socks. Maybe I’ll try them someday.

Computer: dead
Tablet works. I have toget used to it.
I may be scarce for a while.
Oh well. I have sewing I must do.

another person inspired by GG’s gift card holder :wink:

Huh? I don’t do gift card holders. lol

yeah, for your grandson… we talked about them a few months ago… :wink: and then those multi-color ones using bon-bons, or odds-n-ends - that was a few weeks ago.

OK, I remember. It’s my I hate gift wrap paper thing. He kept it. I think he uses to hold his gift cards that he never uses. Boys. He does have money in his savings and cash and his sister asked how he has money and she doesn’t. She spends hers. Girls. lol

Thanks to Jeremy I can now log in and be myself again. :woohoo: I got my password reset. That was harder than resetting my bank site password.

I made a big mistake. I got Nova Platina Cubics sz. 8 tips to try and now I need…yes, [I]need![/I]…a whole set. I got tips in sz. 2.5 and 3 also but they’re the round ones. I wonder if they’ll figure a way to make them in sz. 1. The Platina needles are better than the old Nova needles IMO and I love using them. They are slicker than snot and I thought the old Novas were slick. I have to be careful or all the stitches slide off the needle. :thumbsup: When I test drove the Cubics I tried a p3tog tbl for the first time using crappy yarn to make the test as unfair as possible. I hardly had any trouble at all.

you’re like the consumer reports of knitting needles. i love an unfair test - because seriously, it’s as close to real world as possible. people really will do those ‘unfair’ (or inappropriate) things with products. might as well be honest about the results. :wink: i was thinking about the kollage squares for a full set… but maybe now the cubics. have to test drive a pair or two of each. :slight_smile:

Have you tried Kollage needles? I guess I should at least look at them. I should see how the price compares.

i practiced with them a lil bit in a LYS in salem when visisting my brother a few months ago, but that’s it. haven’t done a full project with any brand of square needles yet.

USA-made kollage needles…
square shape is claimed to be more ergonomic
claims of less wrist/arm/elbow pain
claim of better stitch definition
2 types of cables, firm (normal) and soft (sloppy)
go down to size 0 with fixed circulars, in cables from 9-40 inches
also available in metal DPNs, straights, crochet hooks.
also available as DPNs in vietnamese forest palm hardwood
only go down to size 6 in the interchangeable sets,
usually have to adjust needle size to achieve gauge (going up 1-2 sizes from pattern is not uncommon)
pricey! $14 and up per PAIR… a full set will really add up.

Kollage would have to be really something special to get my money, honey. I doubt they’re that special. Thanks for the info.

I went into Renaissance Yarns in Kent once hoping to test drive needles but the only person there couldn’t be bothered to do more than glance up from the magazine she was reading. I just searched for the name of the place and saw they’re reported to be closed.

This computer is dying. It was probably a hardware problem all along. I forgot my tablet at daughter’s house too. Life is like that for me. So now I’m trying to figure out how to replace the laptop. Chrome book was recommended but it locks me into using the Chrome browser which I was told has ZERO wrong with it but has caused me grief…like it’s very slow and it won’t let me set things up as I like them the way Firefox will and lately it crashes my computer every time I try to use it. Firefox sucks too, just not quite as bad. I only know for sure that Windows is not an option. I need to do some knitting.

The heels on my non-felted slippers done in WoolEase Thick and Quick were wearing out so I patched 'em up with new heels. I used double strands of acrylic yarn that I just grabbed and it’s ugly. I like them, they’re thick and cushy. I think I’ll do it right away on the next pair and maybe on the ball of the foot too. I got some nice thick wool yarn to make them up.

My youngest son is the same way with Gift Cards. We’ll get them from PTA and the Principle for different things and Christmas and he rarely will use them !?! He ends up giving them to his kids .

GG, I see your ‘passwordlost’ status is Casting On , that doesn’t seem fair. You did a lot of work to reach '2nd sock, I Rock ’ status. Not fair I say, not fair at all !

You’ll always Rock !

Edited , I see you’re still posting now as GG , I am confused ,nothing new though. So is passwordlost gone ?

Have you ever knitted felted slippers ? I’ve had mine now for a few years , but I added leather bottoms to save me the hassle of repairs later.