Grumpy old bear

Hello all,
I am back with a question that I am sure many knitters have asked before and hoped that the answer was easy. Actually, I am more looking for help on how to do it.

I would like to transpose a pattern for a “grumpy old bear,” in Susan B. Anderson’s book, Itty Bitty Nursery.

It is mostly a bunch of squares, but the issue is that I want the bear to be about the size of a 3 month old baby ad currently ( in the pattern) it is only 8 inches tall!!, so I need the bear to be 3 times the size at 24 inches tall. Now, if you have a look at the pattern, the bear is sitting down, do you think the 8 inches mean, hwile the bear is seated or from foot to head?

So, I will get 3 times the yarn to start. Will wait for some help here. However, here is another question, can I stuff my bear with some old clothes (cut them into strips or some small pieces) rather than using polyfiber?

Now, just to add an extra foot note, I want the bear to be this tall because…here is comes…those booties i felted on my other thread, well, i also ended up felting an rather expensive merino wool sweater and the same booties got put into the wash and now are mini booties which i think will do well with the sweater on a bear!


The 8" would probably be the total length. You can double or triple the number of sts and rows you do, to make it larger. Using old clothes may not work, though I know that old nylon stockings might.

Remember you are increasing the width as well as the length so you would need more than triple the amount of yarn.

If you triple the width (cast on stitch count) and triple the row count then you would need 3 x 3 = 9 times the length on yarn.

(I hope they gave the ounces/grams or yards/meters needed and not just a count of balls or skeins.)

still have not started work on it. moved to a colder place so am busy completing winter wear for baby atm. he really needs his booties now! plus have to find a good / easy pattern for mits. any suggestions are greatly appreciated

I would suggest not using old clothes. Is there a reason you don’t want to use polyfill? That is the best, as you can kind of mold it as you go, and clothes will not do that unless there are shredded into tiny, tiny (like rice krispie size) bits.