Grrrrrr Outlook Express anyone? Size of text: can someone please tell me how

:nails: Ok, it’s pretty pathetic when you look and look in all the help places on your computer and you still can’t find the answer.
My eyesight seems to be getting worse and worse (I wear glasses) and while it’s lovely to make the text big when reading on the Internet…

why the h. can’t I make … in Outlook Express mail the incoming messages are in the tiniest (or so it seems) font and I’m having such trouble reading them these days. It makes me tired.

I tried View, Options, Layout. but nothing pertains to the size of text in incoming messages. Not the message itself, the list of new mail. any help would be GREATLY appreciated. This text is this size and I have trouble reading this.

Not sure this works in Outlook as I haven’t used it in years but it does work in most apps. Click on the text space of the message, hold down the ctrl key, and press the + key.

Thanks Mason for replying but it doesn’t work. :verysad:

These computers… I can listen to music in Bulgaria but I can’t increase my Outlook text. It’s not the messages that I want to make larger, it’s the actually messages on the left side if that makes sense. Where are all the computer geeks!

Hmmm, we have Outlook at work (not OE) and I did make the text bigger. I’ll have a look this afternoon to see what I did for that to happen and let you know later and maybe it’ll work with OE.

There should be some preference settings regarding font size somewhere.

I don’t now if there’s an option for enlarging the incoming messages font, but you can press “forward” and then the message will become available for editing and then you can change the font size like in an outcoming message. HTH

Dangit, I was only at work a couple hours today and forgot to check! We got kinda busy and there were some projects I had to look in to before I left early for some time off. Yay for time off!

But anyway, I opened our OE and under View, there’s Text Size and you can set it to larger or largest which affects the message (I use the preview pane) and I think it’ll stay there for you.

Thanks Guys KnittingNat and Suzieeq

for checking this out. You know, I think my computer needs some checking out… it’s running slow and suziee, yeah, I did that, set it on the largest font but there’s no difference between medium small and largest so that’s why I think my computer is um, falling down.
(It’s New Year’s and I can’t think right…)


If it’s running slow, as in to load files, etc, do a Disk Defragmentation, found in the system tools. It rearranges the files on your computer so they load more efficiently. It may take an hour or two the first time you do it, so it’s best to get it going then go do something else.

Thanks much suzie! Yeah, now that you told me that, my husband told me he just did that to his computer (but failed to mention it to me!) I guess that’s why we hang out here … :roll:

I’ll try it right now! Vic

In the message itself, and this largely has to do with whether it’s in text or HTML, go to View>Text Size, and change it to largest. From what’ve I’ve seen it will only work if the message is in text only. On the other hand, you could also go into Tools>Options>Read>Fonts, and change the font type and size from there. Hope this helps you out.

Thanks Rorschhhh (I always forget the spelling!)

I’ll try that. Just completing disc clean up stuff…
Happy New Year!

You can buy a mouse from Microsoft that has a button on the left side that magnifies text when you click it. When you want to go back to normal, just click again. Office Depot carries it for about 40 dollars. I’ve thought of getting one myself.


Thanks Boo! That’s interesting. I’ll have a looksee.

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