Grrrrr! USPS

:verysad: It’s been officially over 18 days since I placed my order to knit picks and my package has still not arrived…

I’m so upset, I know it’s still en-route (sp??) but :!!!: what the funny thing is that I really didn’t NEED the items… should I call them up and cancel and get a refund? it’s been over 2 weeks…

Can’t you log into your account and click on the order for tracking information?

err… I have, and the last date it was logged in was the 8th…of this month. :pout:

If it’s on it’s way, you can’t cancel.


I’m starting to think it’s been lost in the mail… can I cancel if they did loose it in the mail?

I know it’s not knitpicks fault cause of how mail is sorted etc. but it’s not worth all the hassle :verysad:

I haven’t dealt with this issue with KnitPicks, but other companies I have, and they will usually assume a shipment is lost after 10 BUSINESS days and resend it. Give them a call and see what they say.


if you have the tracking info from the post office, (delivery confirmation) can tell you where it is in the process. if it hasn’t been logged in a while I’d print out the info and take it to the local PO to ask what they think is the problem. then I’d call the company with all that information.

Bummer~! :wall:
did you post a thread about this a couple days ago~!!

Cr@pola~!!I am so sorry ~ ~! :doh:

That was probably me. It took 19 days from the time I ordered to when I received my order from Little Knits. And that was UPS :grrr:

Cinny – I feel for you :hug:


Delivery confirmation isn’t tracking… it is just delivery confirmation. Honestly, unless you paid for expedited shipping with Knitpicks it isn’t really that late at all. I have had their free shipping take me two full weeks to get. That’s why I almost always pay the extra money for the 3 day select when I have enough to qualify for free shipping. i am not patient enough to wait for the pony express system they use when they are giving the free shipping away.

Others have had the free shipping arrive super quick but that has never been my experience.

When I ordered my first set of Knitpicks dpns I waited and waited for them to get delivered. Days and days and days went by. I finally decided I would go to the post office to find out what was going on (according to the tracking they were supposed to have been delivered). The day I decided I got a notice from my apartment managers that I needed to clear off my patio for a balcony rebuilding. I open the door to the patio I NEVER use… and there were my dpns. They must have been sitting there, thrown over the fence, for at least a week.

The strange thing is, the complex has those big package mail boxes but every package I get is either left on my doorstep or thrown over the fence. Oh, except for the package that was crammed in my little box. Yeah, couldn’t get that out because it was too wide for the opening.

Yup, I despise USPS.

I’m checking the tracking on my KP package too and get this…I live in southern Georgia, my package came to Atlanta and is now in Ohio??? No wonder they are so slow hmmmph

I placed my order on the 2nd of March, by the 8th of March it was in New Jersey ( I live in NY ) less than a 45 minuet drive over the state line and it’s still not here. I paid for shipping cause my order was like $20 not enough to get the free shipping. :doh:

The USPS is sooo lucky these items were not on my “Most desirable list”