Grrrrr...Screwing Up

Geez, just trying to start a hat. Just a hat. Not a big thing.Tonight I started a hat not once, not twice, not even three times.

Every time I started this stupid thing I screwed up something. Twisted join, borked stitch count, something.

I’ve never had this much trouble starting such a simple project.

Anyone else had such silly problems just getting something started?

LOL I assumed it was just me that had this issue ;o)

I think I’ve started the same drop stitch scarf about 8 times now… just making stupid small mistakes. I blame the tv and/or dogs for taking my attention away from what I’m doing ;o)

Oh yeah. I’m working on a shawl that I changed the pattern a bit, and I need a certain multiple of sts for border pattern. I thought I could multiply the old fashioned way on paper, but I guess I need a calculator anymore to multiply 14 x 3 and not have it be 52 (that’s 13 x 4, and my brain got confused)…

Oh yeah. Sometimes I wonder where my head is! :zombie:

I think mine was on the new waitress :teehee:

Oh, no. No, not me. Not ever. Perfect, absolutely perfect, every single darn time. Completely. Never any mistakes. Nuh uh. No way.

Okay, that’s not [I]quite[/I] true. :slight_smile:

I find that if I am working on an easy project that I have multiple problems getting something started. I just frogged a project which is crochet because it called for the foundation stitch which some people love but never works for me and I finally went back to the old way and it was fine. Easy patterns whether knitted or crochet give me lots of trouble and difficult ones don’t. The kimono which is stalled in the back stage gave me trouble when I got to the point when I was doing a double moss stitch and I finally got it right and the rest of the pattern is ss except for the edging all around is the moss stitch. My son’s choice of dragon is too big for the back and that is the stalled part. He wants a Chinese dragon in red and I am not sure how to shrink it.
Now, Mason, is your mistake like the dropped stitch one,lol…
I like the hat you are wearing in your avatar.

Me neither - never!! :roflhard:

yeah right …

Yes! I’ve got a frogged cami tank that’s hibernating around here somewhere. I’ve frogged 3 times already (twisted sts was the latest mistake) and I’ve been avoiding the 4th cast on. I don’t know what surprise mistake I’ll make on that one. :knitting:

I thought this was just a problem that newbies faced! I’m always intimidated by the more experience knitters who seem to get going right away. I’m finally getting that first or second row knitted and they seem to have completely knitted a sock from start to finish in the same amount of time!

Oh oh me me!!

I have this gorgeous pair of mittens - that are so very messed up! I didn’t pay attention and bought fingering instead of the called-for worsted. Fine, they’ll fit my daughter. Finished one. Last year. Just frogged over a third of the 2nd one because…I forgot to separate for the thumb!! OMgoodness, what was I thinking? Nothing, clearly, just knitting along, hand, thumb, hand thumb…until a little voice in the back of my head said “ummm, shouldn’t that thumb be on waste yarn, waiting?” Yeah. :frog:

Are you on Rav, Mason? Cause if you are, here’s how many times someone can frog one single item. Note how many people have looked at the notes. I figure they’ve mainly been making themselves feel better by seeing how well I did. :slight_smile:

Note that I finally DID finish Louisa, and she came out great. Eventually. :slight_smile:

Yeah, baby!:thumbsup:


Oh yeah, I’ve had this problem…lol…Most of the time it’s because I find myself trying to concentrate so much that I’m apparently not concentrating enough, if that makes sense! I can’t remember what exactly it was that I was working on but it was last year, a Christmas gift that I needed to get done quickly…For some reason I kept making the dumbest mistakes…They ranged from not having enough stitches to dropped stitches to doing I have no idea what…lol…I know I had to completely start over a few times…Finally I walked away from it for a bit…When I sat back down to start all over again, I took a deep breath and just went at it…After that I did ok, a couple minor mistakes here and there but nothing big…I know there have been more things since then but that one sticks out most in my head! I was getting so aggravated because I just kept messing up!

:happydance: That would make it difficult to concentrate!

I had to restart a sock 5 times… just the cast on and ribbing… 5 times… I had to buy another skein of yarn because that one had been so thrashed by the repeated frogging…

It depends on how many beers you been drinking maybe? Never start a new pattern after the third…that’s my advice (to me, to you…)

LOL Woodi… totally had that experience ;o)

I have that problem frequently. Thought it was just me. I’m so glad that’s not true! :slight_smile:

oh yeah! I do this! All the time, on everything. Takes me several false starts to get anything going.

I call it rev’ing my engine.