Grrrrr.....kitchener stitch

:?eyebrow: Okay…I have found something I dislike more than purling…the dreaded kitchener stitch! There has to be an easier way to do something like that!!! I have to admit that the inside looks just like it is supposed to, but I don’t like how the outside of it looks. I’m sure if I play around with it, I might be able to do something to make it better, but I don’t know.

When I get home I will attempt to take a picture of my ‘wonderful wallaby’ sweater and try to figure out how to post it here.


practice, practice, practice…it gets better! :thumbsup:

Well…now I see what I did wrong, but I decided that it doesn’t bother me enough right now to take it apart and do over…we’ll see how I feel later tonight.


I had to watch the kitchener stitch video like a million times before I could do it. I was closing the top of my hat and was SOOO nervous about messing it all up. Then I just kept pausing the video, doing the stitch, backing the video up, etc. I knit in my computer chair quite frequently when I’m trying to get the hang of something new.

Thanks fellow knitters. Now I won’t be so flustered. My first attempt at kitchener will be tonight–finally finishing my first sock. So patience, and Amy’s video, patience and Amy’s video… :shock:


I know, it’s not easy.


There sort of is a sort of easier way to do it. I hate to admit it because I really SHOULD have another video of this method, and some of you are going to say “WHY didn’t you show us this other method BEFORE???” It’s the way EZ taught it. It requires taking the knitting off the needles to work it, which can be scarier for some, and risky if the yarn is irregular and snags in the stitches as you sew it in… But it’s a very visual way, and simpler to conceive…and …uh oh… “Better”? Maybe? for some of you??

I’ll put up the video with the next batch! :oops:
***Amy sneaks off quickly, hoping she hasn’t started a riot…***


:happydance: :cheering: :happydance: WOO HOO!!! I have mastered this stitch…finally!!!

I can do it straight off the needles, or I can do it without needles being in it due to the fact I had to take it out about five different times.

But I did it!!!

pat, the kitchener stitcher

Wow, that looks fabulous!! :notworthy:

GREAT JOB!!! :cheering:

That looks great!!! But I just found this today (this website is so creative)

Wow wow wow…that looks incredible!!!