My FIL is currently in a nursing home, rehabing a broken hip. He complained a few weeks ago that his hands were cold all the time, so I bought some nice superwash in his favorite color, and I did some marathon knitting to make him a nice lap blanket.

Fast forward to this morning when we went to visit. A little old lady in a wheelchair in the hallway has MY yellow blanket draped over her shoulders! There have already been a few instances of thievery at this place. FIL has had a few shirts and his electric razor stolen from his room, and now this blanket. (Since he doesn’t leave his room except for therapy, we know they’re being stolen. And DH will be bringing this up with the manager tomorrow.)

So now, I can either snatch this blanket back from this helpless, (but apparently conniving,) little old lady, or I can knit a new one with his name stitched all over it.

Gee, guess I’ll have to knit some more. :wink: :x:

Do take it up with the manager! But, is it possible that your FIL gave her the blanket? If not, do what you can to get it back, because somebody that steals a blanket from an elderly man certainly doesn’t deserve your talents.

I am SOOooo sorry to hear this … is is possible that he “gave” it to her ( even if she was deceitful by trying to doing so). sometimes elders do forget they " gave" things to other people. and sadly alot of times things get "lost " in the nursing home. it often happens b/c elders are moved around so much. You SHOULD discuss this with the manager … but again I AM SO SORRY that his property is dissapearing. Invest in a black SHARPIE and put his name all over his property~ and perhaps you could make some extra blankets for the other clients IF you still want to~!

Oh, he definitely didn’t give it to her. He doesn’t speak to anyone, and is not the outgoing type. We’re guessing this lady was wheeling around while he was in therapy and helped herself.

We’ll certainly be talking to the manager, but I’m not going to make a big deal out of the blanket. I’m not [I]really[/I] upset about it, since it gives me an excuse to go buy more yarn! She probably appreciates it more than Bob anyway. I’ll make him a new one. I can always add another project to the mix! And in the future, we’ll mark everything we can with his name.

She probably thinks it’s the shawl she lost 50 years ago!:rofling:


:rofling: Oh! I didn’t think of that.

I’m smiling over here thinking about all of your FIL’s knitted items labeled. “Bob’s Blanket” “Bob’s Left Sock” “Bob’s Right Sock” :roflhard: It’s a great idea!

That could be, Ingrid! I hate to take it from her, poor lady.

Bob hadn’t noticed it was missing yet until DH mentioned it. He can wait another week. His room hasn’t been so cold lately since it got so hot here.

Yep, Zip, I’m going to label everything.

Speaking of which, does anyone have a good website or store for printed labels? Like something I could sew in that would say, “Knitted with love by Erica” ???


I use to work at a nursing home a long time ago. I hate to say this, but some of the employees there ( no, not me ) would find out that someone needed a shirt etc and didn’t get one back from laundry yet and used someone elses shirt. It could be something like that. Put his name on everything!


you can use ribbon and write with a sharpie “I Belong To BOB!” then just stitch it on with a needle/thread :slight_smile: poor bob!

That’s probably a much cheaper and simpler solution, Jeanius. BTW, I love your avatar. What a doll!

I’ve worked in nursing homes during school, and if a resident’s belongings weren’t marked, and were sent to the laundry, there was no way to tell what belonged to whom.

So it’s easy to give the wrong blankets/belongings to the wrong resident.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for the aids to “borrow” one resident’s clothing for another, if that resident doesn’t have clean clothes.

Talk to the floor nurse, explain the situation, and tell her you’d appreciate having the blanket you knit returned to your FIL. We all know that families rarely if ever lie about those kinds of things.

I hope he heals quickly and as painlessly as possible. Bless his little heart…and hip. :o)

You should ask at the desk if they will label things for you. Whenever I bring my father anything new, I bring it to the desk, they label it and return it to him.

They did it when my husband was there for rehab, too, so it’s not just for permanent residents.

Worth asking.

You know, though, my great grandpa was staying in a nursing home like that while he was recovering from surgery, and his roommate was always rummaging through his stuff and trying to take it. We just ended up stitching or writing his name on all of his stuff because, even though the staff was doing a decent job, people who like to rummage seem to always find a way. I’m not sure what you should do, but definitely stitching his name in it will help them sort it out once someone has taken it (because honestly, it could keep happening).
I feel bad, though, that you see something you worked so hard on isn’t even being used by him because someone else took it. It was really sweet of you to knit it for him, so I’m sorry :frowning:

My mom was in a nursing home for rehab about a month ago. She had her name written on everything. I even refreshed it after I did her laundry. She still had things go missing. One woman was pulling herself along in her wheelchair in her socks and one of the nurses asked her where her shoes were. She said she had hidden them because people were stealing her stuff. The funny part of the story is that written in huge letters on the bottom of the socks she had on was my mom’s name!!! The next day when I went put up Mom’s laundry, those same used, dirty socks were rolled up and put away in her drawer.