GRRRR on socks

I am doing my first sock need help can anyone help me???

I am doing the shaping of the heel so do I start anywhere on the needle to start the flap?? I just need to get 30 on a needle… but what one?

Thank you too all


I really recommend for a great tutorial, fantastic pix…she got me through my first sock!! Good luck!

Your pattern says to take the last 15 stitches of the round you just knit and slip them onto the 4th needle, then knit the 1st 15 stitches of needle #1 onto that same needle. You will then have 30 stitches on the 4th needle. Continue knitting the rest of the round putting the other 30 stitches on 2 needles. That will put you at the beginning of the heel stitches (30 stitches on one needle, 15 each on the other 2) and you can begin working the heel.

so I can start anywhere?? just get 30 on one needle??

so I can start anywhere?? just get 30 on one needle??

Since the leg is just stockinette and a pattern that would look odd arranged differently, I would say in theory, yes, you could. However I would follow the pattern.

Sorry, I’m not sure that answered your question. Are you asking if you CAN, or are you asking how to follow the pattern?

The pattern assumes that you are finishing the leg at the end of a round, with 20 stitches on each needle. Next, you would take your 4th needle (the “working” needle) and slip the last 15 stitches, that you just knit, onto the working needle (this will be slipping “backwards”). Another option would be to slip 5 off the end of that needle on to a free needle, and then use the one with 15 left to knit with. In either case, knit 15 MORE stitches off your the needle that holds the beginning of the round. This will be your heel flap needle, with 30 stitches on it. For now, leave it a moment, and rearrange the remaining stitches so each of your other 2 needles holds 15 stitches (30 instep stitches total).

Clear as mud?

Thank you all soo much I knew that I could count on your help