Grrrr....need help reading stinkin' scarf pattern

Ok, so I KNOW this is simple and I am probably just making it harder than it really is, but I need some help.

Here is the pattern:

It just doesn’t seem to be even to me and I am driving myself nuts overanalyzing the “drop-stich” thing.

Here’s where I’m confusing myself: :??
PATTERN STITCH: Drop garter stitch instructions: K1, winding yarn twice around needle; repeat to end. Next row: knit to end, dropping the extra loops.)
[color=red]Which loop do I drop? The first or second, does it matter?[/color]

With MC, cast on 145 stitches.

  • 2 rows garter stitch.

  • 1 row garter drop stitch. [color=red]Do I knit an additional row here since it’s drop stich??[/color]

  • Change to CC, 4 rows garter stitch.

  • 1 row garter drop stitch.

  • K 1 row. [color=red]Is this the row in the pattern above or do I K 2 rows after the drop st row?[/color]

  • Change to CC2, 6 rows garter stitch.

  • Change to CC, K 1 row.

  • 1 row garter drop stitch. [color=red]Again, do I K another row after this in addition to the 4 listed below?[/color]

  • 4 rows garter stitch.

  • Change to MC, 1 row garter drop stitch.[color=red]Same thing, do I K an additional row? And why is it that the end has 3 rows when the first only says 2? The pattern looks symmetrical to me?[/color]

  • 3 rows garter stitch.

  • Bind off loosely.

Maybe I’m not visualizing it right? I’ve never done drop stitch, but I want to get started on this scarf so badly!

Any help would be appreciated!! THANKS!

Do not take this as gospel since I’m really new.

But take a look at Amy’s elongated stitch video. It sounds like what the dropped garter stitch is, except with more loops. If I remember correctly you knit into the first stitch and drop the other.

And I would only knit or do the dropped garter stitch row the number of times they say. I wouldn’t add any rows.

Now let’s wait for someone with more experience to come in and give the “for sure” right answer.

Thanks twiggyann! I know I am just making myself nutso for no reason…
I’m going to take a look at the video and just give it a go.

If anyone else has any other thoughts, please share!

Twiggy is exactly right! After you do all those extra wraps, on the next row, knit into the first stitch of the group only, and kick the 2 extra wraps off the end. If you knit into the wrap , you’ll end up dropping a stitch. If it’s hard to tell which is the first stitch, look carefully… you’ll see that the first stitch is “connected” the the row below, and the extra wraps are not connected; they’re just around the needle. HTH