Ugh, this supposedly new neighbor just came knocking on my door. She said she was trying to help kids out by earning points for something or other by trying to get magazine subscriptions, and I said, “No thank you.”

She said, "What, you’re not interested? You don’t even know what I’m gonna say. Did I ask you for money? You don’t have two minutes you can spare?"
So I said, "Uh, ok, I can spare two minutes…"
And she said, “You don’t need money now, I can come back.” :whoosh:

So then I said, "No thank you. I’m not interested."
And she jumped down my throat and said, “Fine. You can go help the next 300 kids that come knocking on your door. You’re one of the rudest people I’ve encountered today!” And stalked off.
The only thing I could think of to say to that was, “No, I was nice and polite to you. I’m just not interested. You’re the rude one!” Then I slammed the door. I’m sure I really got her thinking with that witty retort and all, but yuck. I hate people like that. Just because I didn’t have the inclination to give a total stranger my money, and she has to come to my house and treat me like a loser and yell at me! And in front of my kids! :gah:


Sounds like someone deserves a jello mold in the shape of a frowny-face!

That stinks… I had to giggle at your last comment to her :teehee:

I know when my son comes home with fund raisers we and the grandparents buy it all so we don’t have to go to the n’bors… I just hate to ask them cause what if they really can’t but don’t want to say no and just hate to bother them… They always have this stuff set up for the kids too…like my son will start selling candy bars on Monday and if he has sold them all by Friday he gets a special award… so of course he comes home with I have to get the special award…:wall:

ooh- that kinds sounds like a scam that was going on here- points, subscriptions, pushy people who try to play on your sympathy… you did the right thing.

the person who came to our door had a list of “references” with “neighbors” signatures. they were all in the same handwriting.


When I have lived in a house or semi-detached I always have a nice next to the front door basically saying: “No sales or religious callers please”.

It’s a simple way of flagging your stance and not being bothered.

I know I was approached by kids and their mother for sponsorship money for a well known project and I baulked initially as, to me, they shouldn’t be asking for the money up front and indeed after a went down the road a police car turned up as a neighbour had asked the police to come and check the bonafides. I didn’t hear that outcome but I have given $5 and so then felt miffed it may have gone in a pocket. I rang the school 3 times and finally spoke to the teacher in charge of that project. I asked him to please check the child’s sheet and ensure, for example, my money was recorded properly - to please ring me back and let me know but that in future I would never give like that to a door knocker (I will to Salvation Army but not to kids or a parent like that). He never rang me back and I got fed up chasing it.

Oh, to cover your base you would have:

“No sales, charity or religious callers please” OR, if you welcome some charities…

“No sales, sponsorship seekers or religious callers please”.

Thanks everyone, I’ve calmed down a bit now. :slight_smile:
Now that I think about it though, I think she may have been trying to scam me, like marykz said. This was an adult woman, with not a kid in sight. I’ve never seen her around here before. And she pulled out of her pocket a very battered piece of paper that showed possible examples of what I could purchase from her. She had covered it in contact paper, but it was all gross and dirty. And she was soooo pushy. You know, like telephone solicitor pushy. But she was at my door, and I couldn’t hang up on her!
Anyway, that’s not a bad point, Susan p., about a sign. Hmmm, maybe I could knit one up? :teehee: Just kidding.
I don’t have a problem with helping out here and there with kids and their fund raisers, but I usually like to know the kids. And this lady definitely did not have the fund raiser vibe, even though that’s what she was trying to portray.

It amazes me what people think is appropriate behaviour. In the words of the Tanner sister’s “How rude!”

Susan P. - Most schools or youth organizations recommend that the children don’t sell door to door. You have no idea who could answer the door and how they’ll react. They say only to sell to family and friends.

I agree Sajomaro and the school did make that point to me when I rang - hence my additional concern to find whether my money had actually been handed in or not. Never again.

My dad had a woman buzz his apartment once selling magazines for a trip to europe. He lived in a secure building and a sign clearly said no solicitations. She apparently was just buzzing numbers until someone answered. He thought it was me wanting to come up and said hello and he told me she gave him the schpeel and he said no thank and this is a secured…blah blah… He said she says without missing a beat, “Mister, it’s not like I’m asking you to adopt me!” :shock:
He told her to leave immediately or he was going to call the police. I don’t get it…if they are supposedly legit, do they really think you are going to say, “well, since you basically are going to be condescending, by all means, allow me to open my wallet and give ALL my information and my money to boot!” :wall:
When we were kids, the catholic school i went to would have pancake breakfast feed tickets and various things to hock because we were raising money for this or that. my parents hated it because i would panic at the thought of having to go door to door. i will buy from my friends for girl scouts, my neighobors for the hockey club and so on, but pushy people or stuff that i just dont’ feel right about…i hate being negative, but i have to say no. i feel bad, but luckily i haven’t had too much of that. definitely put a sign worded in such a way that a parent who should be with a little’un selling goodies can pass, but the other jerks should move on.
gladly, during election season, the folks out and about are nice, they give their little card, sometimes a family pic, a recipe and a blurb about their campaign and they pretty much just say , “hi, i am so and so, i’m hoping to become the next such and such. Have a great day, if you have any issues you would like to discuss, i would be happy to hear from you at your leisure.” and they go on their way.:thumbsup:

yep- they try to bully you, then make you feel sorry for them, then try to sell these weird subscriptions for extremely high rates… s-c-a-m!!! they play on our desire to help others. we have some vulnerable seniors in our neighborhood and I can just imagine them getting suckered. grrr. I try to report things like that when I see them.

and now that I think about it- the PP was right that they don’t let kids go door to door anymore. (I have to get my GS cookies from a friend’s kid at work!) the world is just too dangerous these days.

I generally won’t even open the door if I’m not expecting someone. not for any great fear of the outside world, I just don’t think I have to jump and answer the door/phone every time it rings. guess that makes me antisocial… lol…

marykz… Being in a security building where people have tried to pass themselves in pretending to be a tradesperson - but when challenged to show ID refused and walked away! I often don’t answer the door if someone knocks. My son has a key and I have no family and friends here as such and any deliveries the person would buzz. I know I’ve probably rejected a couple of neighbour calls or similar in taking this stance but frankly, sometimes I just want to be left alone - aside from the security issue.

BinkyKat…unfortunately this building does not have that sort of sign - nor signs saying no to piles of advertising material always left at the front (and often blowing away and creating rubbish). Anyway, my buzzer went one morning and it was a woman asking would it be ok to drop material in my mailbox about a conference invitation. I was busy and just said yes and hung up. I could hear buzzers then going in adjoining flats. What was the paper? Nothing about a conference at all. It was a religious pamphlet. To me that is misrepresentation and not what a religious group should be doing at all. It got shredded.

Yep SusanP…I hear that…some things just don’t need to be sold door to door. Nowadays, you can find almost anything online or at least find their location. I can’t say as I have ever decided upon presentation at my doorstep that NOW would be the perfect time to join another church or whatever.

This reminded me of a mortgage company call we got once. DH actually said to the guy, “If I want to be rejected for a loan, I would prefer to do that face to face with our banker.” :lol:

Of course, I know there are goodhearted people out there that do this for a living. It has to be a very hard job. But being rude or pushy is not right.

Travellers. Florida gets tons of them at the start of winter. They all come down from their campsites up north and go through the neighborhoods selling subscriptions, driveway resurfacing, driveway cleaner chemicals, tree trimming, spraying for moss, etc. They’re basically gypsies who make their living ripping people off. I have a window next to my door where I can look out but the person at the door can’t see me. I never open the door to anyone I don’t know. Although one time my husband let one of the teenage ones in to use the bathroom:hair: I had to watch her like a hawk after she got out and “pretended” she didn’t know which way to go. Luckily, my guest bathroom has nothing in it worth stealing.

We have that a lot around here because that’s the way the jr’s and sr’s earn money for their class trips. They get so many points for each thing sold which gets applied as credit towards their trip. We live 4 blocks from the high school so we get hit lots of times. I always bring my oldest to the door and ask him if he’s seen them around school. If he has I might renew a subscription, if not, I send them on their way. I’ve never gotten a rude one yet. Although there was this one that asked me if my kids were my grandkids. She was sent on her way pretty darn fast!!

oh dear…someone needed a lesson in tact :slight_smile:

We just had a 20 year old girl murdered where she works as a secretary :noway: It was between 10 am and 1 pm and they just caught the guy and he was a guy selling childrens books and cutting boards door to door.The business she works at was on a BUSY highway and nobody saw or heard anything and in broad day light.Soooooooo sad for her family.So PLEASE beware of people selling things door to door!!!

Wow, momwolf, that’s so sad. :verysad:

That’s awful :pout:

I don’t like people coming to my door either, but I stil usually answer.

The worst time for me was when a man came saying he had to change one of our meters. I made sure I got his number and called the company first and he was legit. It was strange though because we hadn’t had a letter or anything about it.